NA LCS: Three Teams Inseparable at The Top

LoL Michael “Zechs_” Radford

The North American LCS still has three teams tied at the top of the table.
Immortals started the weekend for America by taking down Team Liquid on Friday night. A fairly comfortable first game win was followed up by more of a struggle in game two but they still emerged victorious without need of a game three. Echo Fox kept up their exactly average record with a 2-0 win over EnvyUs. The gold graph from game one was a real rollecoaster but in game two, Froggen and co took an early lead and kept it to the end.
Team Liquid followed up Friday’s defeat with another at the hands of TSM, while their previous opponents, Immortals, won a hard for 2-1 victory over Cloud 9. A late game baron sneak from Cloud 9 almost tied up the gold lead that Immortals had held for 40 minutes, but just as things looked to be evening up, Immortals took an ace and an Elder Drake and were able to finish off the game.
Fellow table-toppers, Counter Logic Gaming, also had to do things the hard way against Flyquest. Despite “Cloud 9 Junior” struggling this season, they forced a game three out of CLG and were in the ascendancy for the first 15 minutes of it. But CLG look dogged so far this split and they proved it again by holding on through a Flyquest baron to eventually close out the game and the series.
Dignitas were also able to keep up a 5-1 record, heaping further misery onto the winless Phoenix 1. Even with their new jungler, the best Phoenix 1 could do was lose 2-1 instead of 2-0. Newcomer, Mikeyeung did impress, particularly on Lee Sin, but his team still slumped to their 5th defeat in a row.
Both CLG and Dignitas went on to pick up a second win of the weekend on Sunday. CLG turned Phoenix 1’s five losses into six - another 2-1 - while Dignitas fought a close 2-1 series of their own against Echo Fox. In the final game they were able to eke out the tiniest of gold leads and it wasn’t until 26 minutes in that a big team fight really broke out and Dignitas extended their advantage to a game-winning position.
There were wins for Cloud 9 and TSM on Sunday as well. Cloud 9 beat up on their old friends Flyquest for an easy 2-0 victory. TSM had a similarly simple game one against Envy, and though they had to work harder for the win in game two, they still took home a 2-0 win of their own.

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Michael “Zechs_” Radford

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