G2 stays strong against UOL; Splyce take a reverse sweep over FNC

LoL Joe “Helmight” Silva

G2 Esports vs. Unicorns of Love

At 5-0, the Unicorns of Love seemed well-positioned to hand G2 Esports their first loss of the season. However, G2 was able to prove yet again why they're the number one team in Europe, taking yet another "G2-0" over the Unicorns.

Game 1 was a complete wipe for the Unicorns, as G2 dominated every single lane and took the victory on the backs of Expect's Renekton and Perkz's Orianna. Game 2 was a much more closely-fought affair, with the Unicorns somehow pulling out an 8k gold lead off of a lategame Baron and nearly ending the game. However, G2 outfought UOL almost immediately afterwards, with Zven picking up a quadrakill and keeping the Nexus alive with hardly any health. With the Unicorns respawning, G2 were able to charge back down the lane and finish off the game.

Fnatic vs. Splyce

Splyce looked uncharacteristically scattered in game one of the series, but recovered strong in the second two to take down Fnatic. Giving up Camille in the first game might have been a part of the problem, but when Fnatic left LeBlanc open in game 2 Splyce were sure to take it and even the odds. Game 3 came down to map rotations and vision control, where Splyce demonstrably had the edge. After a couple of Barons, Splyce were able to push in on Fnatic's disorganized team and end the series with a clean victory.

Sencux and Kobbe's carry pants were on in this series. Sencux reminded us all of how terrifying his LeBlanc is in game 2 as he annihilated the competition with a 6/2/4 KDA, while Kobbe had multiple Deadly Flourish snipes in game 3 to keep Splyce's momentum going. Meanwhile, Caps' Ryze proved to be particularly potent for Fnatic, securing a 8/2/7 KDA in game one and almost wiping the entirety of Splyce during a Baron fight in game 3.


Joe “Helmight” Silva
Joe's been playing - and writing - about videogames for about three years now. He mains Garen, hates Akali, and thinks LeBlanc should be deleted from the game. You can talk to him @grabthelantern on Twitter.


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