SPY keep OG's losing streak going; FNC beats ROC in three games

LoL Joe “Helmight” Silva

Origen vs. Splyce

Splyce have had their share of stumbles this season, but today was an exception. They trounced the disorganized Origen squad in two games, taking the fastest win of the split in game 1. Kobbe's 10/2/24 KDA was particularly impressive, but SPY was ahead of Origen across the board in both games.

Origen's woes continued into this week, as the team failed yet again to pick up a win. Team communication may be the key, as Origen looked off-kilter in both games whenever it came time to make a play. Origen will be going into cross-group play without a single win under their belts, and NaeHyun will continue to go winless in professional play despite a solid game 1 performance on Cassiopeia.

ROCCAT vs. Fnatic

If you only saw games 1 and 3, you'd wonder how Fnatic ever let the series go the distance. They crushed ROCCAT in their victories, playing off Amazing's Ivern in the early game to snowball leads into insurmountable advantages. Camille made her third appearance in the EU LCS today and turned out to be quite good in the midlane, with Caps piloting her to an 8/0/5 KDA. Soaz meanwhile reminded everyone of his world-class experience, coming out with a 7/5/17 KDA and 73 percent kill participation.

Fnatic's draft was inexplicably passive in game 2, with a Soraka/Ezreal bottom lane and a Corki mid that didn't allow Fnatic much room to make plays early. ROCCAT took full advantage of this, using Maxlore's Kha'Zix to gain a lead early and grind out the victory over time. Maxlore proved to be the sole bright spot for ROCCAT, making good use of the Voidreaver in games 2 and 3 but being unable to carry his team in the final match.


Which team looked better going into cross-group play?

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