MIS trounce FNC in two games; UOL complete their run of Group B

LoL Joe “Helmight” Silva

Splyce vs. Unicorns of Love

Despite a messy game 1 against Splyce, the Unicorns of Love were able to get their heads together and close out the series to complete their run through the Group B teams. The last two games showcased the Unicorns' ability to take ahold of early leads and snowball them successfully, despite their inability to do so in game 1. Exileh demonstrated an excellent mastery of Ryze throughout the match, only giving up one death in two games while racking up 15 kills for UOL. Xerxe meanwhile had an excellent game on Ivern midway through the series, and was the first to show off Warwick's rework in professional play.

Splyce were able to take advantage of the Unicorns' unpolished play in game 1, but failed to find any advantages throughout the rest of the series. Kobbe was the sole bright spot for the team, with good performances on Jhin and Varus that ultimately couldn't save Splyce from the loss.


Misfits vs. Fnatic

Taking down the old European titans as a brand-new LCS team must feel pretty good, and the Misfits made it look easy. They only needed two games to crush Fnatic, taking victory on the back of PowerOfEvil's stellar Corki play and KaKAO's terrifying Ivern. Fnatic were ultimately unable to ever get their 1-3-1 splitpushes going, allowing Misfits to set up their poke comp and siege down towers.

The Ivern was key to the Misfit's strategy, and KaKAO played it excellently throughout the series with a 2-1-29 KDA in only two games. IgNar was also crucial to the Misfit's success, bringing out Tahm Kench in game 1 to nullify Caps' damage and Bard in game 2 to help shut out Rekkles.

Joe “Helmight” Silva
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