Week 2 LCS Preview

LoL Joe “Helmight” Silva

            The first week of the LCS has already had its fair share of big plays and stunning upsets, but week 2’s where the real work starts for teams looking to make it to the top. Today’s preview runs down the highlights of last week and what to look for in the coming matches.



  • G2 Esports and H2K are the only two teams going into week 2 without a loss – understandable, given that they both made Worlds last season. For G2 especially, it will be interesting to see if they can make a run for a “true” undefeated season this year.
  • Fnatic may have lost to G2 Esports, but the series was far from lopsided. The new Fnatic roster isn’t looking quite as great as their first restructured roster was, but Fnatic fans certainly have hope for a better season than the last.
  • With the Unicorns of Love playing H2K and the Misfits playing G2 this week, there will only be one team in each group who can possibly have an undefeated record after all of the games have concluded. The Misfits and Unicorns both looked solid in their victories last week, but it will be interesting to see if they have what it takes to overcome arguably the best two teams in Europe.



  • Cloud 9 and their old Challenger team FlyQuest are sitting pretty on top of the standings at two wins apiece. Guess both the old and new C9 rosters are pretty good. However, they’re both facing Counter Logic Gaming this weekend, which might be the only team who can take them down.
  • Immortals are already looking pretty mortal this season, and their upcoming week may expose more weaknesses. Cloud 9 is certain to take advantage of any early missteps by IMT, while Team Envy has shown up big in their earlier matches. IMT had better be prepared.
  • Phoenix1 also has a difficult week coming up, with matches against Team Liquid and Team Envy. Winning from behind seems to be their signature strategy, but both of their opponents have been quite good in the lategame as well. Might be time to bust out some new strats.
  • Despite having two good matches last week, Echo Fox still went into week 2 without a win. They’ll be hungry for their first this week, though their competition – Team Dignitas and FlyQuest – won’t just fall down and let them have it.



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