MSF take down GIA in three; UOL exert their dominance against VIT

LoL Joe “Helmight” Silva

Misfits topple Giants Gaming in three games


The Giants caught Misfits unprepared in their first game. Though their Corki mid and Illaoi top initially looked like poor choices, the pair were able to execute quite well during the Baron dances in the mid- and lategame, giving Giants the edge they needed to come back. However, it was a clutch Baron steal by Memento that really allowed Giants Gaming to take the first win off Misfits.

However, the Misfits came back well in the second two games. With Illaoi and Corki banned out, Giants Gaming were already on the back foot. Smart early rotations from Misfits gave them the early leads they wanted, and this time there was no Leap of Faith from the Giants to disrupt their Baron attempts. In each game, the Misfits gave up five kills or fewer – a sign of their absolute domination.

KaKAO looks to have transitioned to Europe quite well. Though his performance was less-than-stellar in game one, he died only two times throughout the remainder of the series, playing an excellent Kha’Zix and Rek’Sai to help Misfits to their early leads. IgNar also acquitted himself well, giving up only two deaths throughout the series and landing clutch skillshots on Thresh and Taric to set up his allies.

Unicorns of Love crush Vitality with two quick wins


The Unicorns of Love made their claim to fame off the back of their unconventional picks, and it looks like they’ve revived that tradition in their first series of the 2017 season. Lulu, Kassadin, and jungle Rumble made their return to LCS play today under the Unicorn’s banner, helping them secure a quick 2-0 versus Team Vitality.

Game one was an absolute stomp for the Unicorns of Love. Drafting two enchanters guaranteed that Samux’s Caitlyn would be able to survive Djoko and Cabochard’s dives, while Exileh’s Kassadin allowed the Unicorns to run down Vitality’s backline. The game was all but over for Vitality after the Unicorns secured a 22-minute Baron, letting them push in with impunity and taking the victory barely five minutes later.

In game two, Vizicsacsi gave us a perfect showcase for why Camille has been 100% banned. He used the Steel Shadow to great effect, shoving in Cabochard and picking kill after kill throughout the midgame. While Cabochard’s Fiora managed to go somewhat toe-to-toe with Camille, it ultimately wasn’t enough to even things out.


Joe “Helmight” Silva
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