Top 5 Plays of LCK Week 8

LoL Charles “KingsDecree” Perez

(Courtesy of OGN)

What a strange week for the LCK...


#5 “Reel Me In”
Yet another example of how awesome the OGN stream cast is. Even during the down times and breaks - and boy are there a lot of them - the Monte & Doa duo keeps things light with frequent hilarity.


#4 “The Big Baron Play”
Seemingly a fairly average team wipe after Baron, however, keep in mind this is the Tigers versus rank #1 of the league contender Samsung. No matter what the end of the day win/loss is, there is clearly still a huge gap in the team fighting ability/shotcalling between these two teams.


#3 “He Flashes Into It!”
Back to back accidental Teemo picks? Pretty funny. Flashing directly into a cross map Ashe arrow when you could’ve dodged it otherwise? Priceless.


#2 “They Don’t Call Him Crazy for Nothing”
Kneel before the power of an uber fed Ryze! Literally 1v3’ing the enemy team right after a solo kill. What a boss. A raid boss.


#1 “The Reverse Reverse”
MVP unfortunately return to heartbreaker hill where they, for the second time this season, just barely lose the game after a nexus rush. Although mentally devastating (I still have nightmares about OMG vs. FNC), hopefully MVP comes away better for it.



Do you think either of the Teemo "accidental" picks were intentional? (For reasons like sandbagging, exposure, fun etc.)

Definite possibility.
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Probably not.
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