Top 5 Plays of LCK Week 7

LoL Charles “KingsDecree” Perez

(Courtesy of OGN)

Big ults and the return of the King.


5. CJ Entus vs. MVP
So here’s CJ applying immense pressure on the mid lane turret with a whopping 4 drakes and 6k gold lead. Things seem to be going well, even through the Jhin ult. But then Bard was able to lock up 3 in a well placed Tempered Fate. Just as the stasis ends, Rek’Sai hit a multiple man knock up chained into another knock up and displacement with a big Emperor’s Divide. From that point,  all it took was a bit of clean up. Too bad MVP still lost the game via a thrown team fight in the late game where they overcommitted to a Guardian Angel’d Gnar.


4. Afreeca Freecs vs. KT Rolster
Going into the 3rd game of the series, AF wasn’t looking too hot. In fact, it seemed like KT would easily steamroll Afreeca with their - up to that point - far superior team fighting. Then came the big comeback ace for nothing at drake off the back off Mickey demolishing the frontline while Sangyoon destroyed what was left. AF was then able to take Baron and siege into the win.


3. Jin Air Greenwings vs. Tigers
To cap off an incredible series, we have the Tigers taking a Baron and having to fend off the attacking Jin Air. Already a bit behind and not wanting to lose the series, the Tigers go full ham and engage the teamfight, throwing caution to the wind. With both the Vladimir and Trundle in the backline, and Ezreal shooting Mystic Shots from the outside, JAG didn’t stand a chance. ROX took the series soon after on a quick siege before Jin Air was able to revive.


2. Jin Air Greenwings vs. Tigers
Within the same series as the previous clip is one of the biggest Gnar ults I’ve ever seen. In the inverse situation, Jin Air are the ones on Baron and decide to yolo engage when they saw the Tigers grouped up tightly. The 4 man stun + hemoplague completely annihilated ROX.


1. SK Telecom vs. Tigers
It's the Faker show! This game reminded me of the good old days of the “Demon King” Faker circa 2013, the one that hard carried his team on assassins. Despite the sometimes shaky performance, this super star god of League of Legends continues to live on with jump out of your seat super plays.


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