FC Schalke stepping into eSports

LoL David “daxey9” Lee

FC Schalke 04 have recently bought Elements' team and rebranded as their own. The North American scene's trends have started to slowly take place in the European scene of League of Legends​.

In the USA, former basketball players and team owners have made their mark in the eSports scene by purchasing several teams as their own. Meanwhile, the European scene had yet to open up to traditional sports personalities. FC Schalke 04 is the first to step from traditional sports into the realms of electronic sports.

In a recent statement, FC Schalke 04 announced that they will step into the EULCS with, now former, Elements as their conduit. Furthermore, the football (soccer) team has announced a date for a press conference on the matter as 19th of May. In the statement, the organization fully recognized League of Legends and its mark in the entertainment market for its astonishing number of consistent users.

What future does Schalke's team have in the EULCS?

The team will have remarkable changes in terms of its management structure, professinal marketing agendas, and its financial support from the elite football team. According to Forbes List, FC Schalke 04 was calculated to be around the net worth of $655M ($655,000,000). This is a basic testament to its financial integrity. 

Seeing the numbers as they are, professional players will definitely interested in the potential of the organization's investments. The question of how the organization will invest is in the air. However, as mentioned earlier, the management structure and marketing agendas will clearly change, creating a scent of hope in terms of its investment potential.

If the football organization does indeed invest lavishly on the team, there might be potential scouting campaigns happening behind the scenes. While one might question the possibility of a new roster's success, he or she must remember how G2 finished the regular split as the first.

We have entertained some interesting thoughts, but the fact is that we won't have enough information in terms of where FC Schalke 04 has set it's directional course until we tune into their press conference. Nonetheless, it will be an exciting moment for all eSports enthusiasts to see a big organization taking part of the growth of eSports in Europe.

Current Roster:

  • Top: Etienne "Steve" Michels
  • Jungle: Berk "Gillius" Demir
  • Mid: Hampus "Fox" Myhre
  • ADC: Rasmus "MrRalleZ" Skinneholm
  • Support: Hampus "Sprattel" Abrahamsson



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