Dynamic Queue to be implemented in 2016

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With a new season coming up, Riot decides that changes must be made, which includes the implementation of a new ranked system.

At the start of Season 6, Riot Games has announced that they will be changing the ranked system. Instead of having Solo/Duo Queue, it will be replaced with what will be known as Dynamic Queue.

What is Dynamic Queue?

With Dynamic Queue, players are able to queue up with up to four other players. Just like the old ranked system, however, players can only queue up with others who are either one tier above, the same tier, or one tier below. For example, if a player is gold, he or she can queue up with either a platinum, gold, or silver player, but everyone else on the team must abide to this rule as well (meaning that a silver player cannot join if a platinum player is in the lobby regardless of the fact that the lobby maker may be gold.)

Why change the system?

According to RiotLyte's Ask.fm post, he addresses this question by explaining the positives. He begins by comparing other competitive PvP games and their ranked systems and seeing what Riot can do to make League's system more player friendly. Riot employees then agreed that the concept of Dynamic Queue could potentially reduce the amount of toxicity in games. Another plus to the new system  is that League of Legends is meant to be a team game and being able to queue up with your friends would make it easier to communicate and devise strategies to make the game more competitive and enjoyable.

Although there seems to be many pros to the new system, there are cons that could affect everyone as well. For one, there could be a potential communications barrier if a person decides to enter Dynamic Queue solo. Premades tend to talk amongst themselves through a voice chats such as Teamspeak and Curse Voice, making someone the odd man out. Sure, it's easy to say that the 4-man premade team could invite the solo player to their call, but those situations are not always guaranteed. Another  flaw that could ruin the game for others is that Dynamic Queue could potentially skew the skillcap between players and make playing less enjoyable.


Riot is aware that the new ranked system is highly controversial, but it is a risk they are willing to take in order to make their players have a better gaming experience. I personally am skeptical on how everything will work out, but being my optimistic self, I am willing to give it a try. There is no guarantee that Dynamic Queue will create a better gaming environment, but we'll just have to wait and see how effective this risk will be at the start of 2016.


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