Football club Besikats buys into eSports

LoL Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

History was made a few days ago as eSports went one more step towards mainstream. Turkish football club Besiktas went on to acquire LoL team Aces High and now has its own eSports division.

We're used to seeing competitive gaming on TV and mainstream media and massive corporations investing hefty sums in the industry but it not everyday that traditional and electronic sports shake hands.

When they were playing in IEM Cologne a month ag, the guys from Aces High probably had no idea that they would go on to be acquired by a major football team, the Turkish Besiktas. The oldest and one of the most established football clubs in Turkey's sports history, Besiktas is now venturing into an uncharted territory for them - competitive League of Legends.

Being one of the smaller teams in the scene, the former Aces High will not be competing in the game's prime tournament - the LCS - but it's still a big step for them. Playing under the flag of a renowned football brand is without a doubt a cool move, for the Turkish quintet and League of Legends as a whole.