Worlds 2014: Samsung White are the champions

LoL Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Photo: LoL eSports

Dropping just two games during their entire championship run, Samsung White are crowned the next world champions, 3-1'ing Star Horn Royal Club in the grand finals for the most dominant worlds run to date.

It’s a bloody start of the first game as the two teams clash in middle, which results in a dead Zero and first blood on Dandy. Five minutes later, the Chinese give away another death as Corn is pincered at his tower and White are now well in the lead with 1.1K gold, six minutes into the game.

The tower dives continue as SSW are comfortable dictating the pace of the game. A 9th-minute gank not only takes the life of Cola but also punishes Corn who teleports to “help”. With a hefty lead, the map becomes Koreans’ domain. The ward control for SSW is deep and they comfortably invade SHR’s jungle, take down more towers and get more kills. With SHR pounded into submission, it looks like a surrender at 20 situation.

It doesn’t end there but the audience knows the game is more or less done. SSW are ahead 13.5K, 6 towers to 1 and a baron by the 22nd minute. The score is 13-1. At the 25th minute, the Chinese nexus falls.

White is unp

Game two starts a bit more evenly and after some good plays on top on the back of Cola’s Mundo, SHR are ahead for the first time in the series. This turns around incredibly quickly. The coordination and speed of the Koreans net them several more kills and restores the gold lead in their favor. SSW even manage to disrupt SHR’s second dragon attempt, take three kills, steal the bounty and push for more towers.

It’s a familiar sight at 20th minute once again – SSW’s control of the map is unmatched and SHR are getting choked. The score is soon 2-0 and judging by how the games pan out, it might be a flawless run for the Koreans.

The Chinese are up against the ropes, down two games to the best team in the world and the heavy favorites for the world championship. Suddenly, StarHorn pick up the pace. A good laning phase gives Cola’s Maokai three kills and puts PawN’s Fizz behind. A fifteen minute brawl at the dragon also goes in their favor, resulting in three dead Koreans with only Mata barely escaping.

SHR manage to maintain the small gold lead and the game is more or less even until another huge fight breaks out at the 30th minute. The result is a double kill for Cola and Uzi’s Traistana as well as an immediate baron for the Chinese. Now with 10K ahead, SHR can push more confidently and the game ends at the 37th mark. There won’t be a 3-0 today.

Uzi and Cola making plays for SHR's first win of the day

Game four picks up the pace as SHR get two kills right from the start, one on Uzi’s Tristana and another on inSec’s Pantheon. As he hits 6, inSec prepares a Grand Skyfall on bottom but to his misfortune, Dandy has already anticipated the move and the gank is turned around as three SHR members fall.

The first team fight is another disaster for SHR. A 14th minute clash at the dragon results in a perfect ace for White. “This could be the team fight that decides the 2014 World Champion,” exclaims Jatt and he can’t be more right. SSW continue to hunt down the measly Chinese opposition as Dandy’s Rengar reigns as king. The minutes between that first team fight and the fall of SHR’s Nexus are merely a formality and Samsung White are crowned the 2014 World Champions, inheriting the crown from their compatriots from SK Telecom T1.

SSW kicking in for the championship