More incoming Brazilian teams with Korean players?

LoL Gabriel “gabrielpumba” Melo

With the support of Empire e-Sports, the Fifty Eighters team was announced yesterday with a provisional line-up to play in the qualifier of the Brazilian Regional. Brazilian organization trades with two korean players who could arrive, probably, in June before the playoffs of Brazilian Championship.

Before the qualifier for the Brazilian Regional, the second stage of Brazilian Championship 2014, a new Brazilian team was announced yesterday. As established and renowed Brazilian players, the Fifty Eighters arrive in Brazil with the exclusive goal to become a leader in the Brazilian competitive scene.

However, within the first few matches,  Empire e-Sports  will be represented by a temporary lineup. Their base team has three former members of Keyd Team, the Support Gabriel "MiT" Souza, the Mid Laner Guilherme "Snowlz" Neves and the AD Carry Rafael "Rafes" Peres. To complete the temporary line-up, Empire invited the Top Laner Fábio "Venon" Guimarães, former paiN Gaming, and Yuhri "CloudPrince" Benaion to play as Jungler.

Empire e-Sports will use a temporary roster because the Brazilian organization is trading with foreign players, more precisely Korean players. According to rumors, the organization spoke with six Korean pro-gamers but is in advanced stages of negotiations with only two. In a topic of, a known Korean forum, the former jungler of KT Rolster Arrows, Won "Reset" Jun-ho, suggests that it is one of the following within the comments:

Korean pro-gamers who Empire negotiated with, according to rumours
Korea Won "Reset" Jun-ho - ex-KT Rolster Arrows, NaJin Swords e Team Hunters
Korea Nam "Lira" Tae-yoo - ex-CJ Entus Frost, KT Rolster Arrows and Chunnam Techno University
Korea Lee "Ganked By Mom" Chang-seok - Jin Air Green Wings Falcons and ex-CJ Entus Frost
Korea Yoon "Zero" Kyung - ex-KT Rolster Arrows and Bullets
Korea Avalon - brother of Shin "Helios" Dong-jin 
Korea HawK - Sub/Mid of Samsung Galaxy Ozone

Empire e-Sports (current line-up)
Brazil Fábio "Venon" Guimarães - Top Laner
Brazil Yuhri "CloudPrince" Benaion - Jungler
Brazil Guilherme "Snowlz" Neves - Mid Laner
Brazil Rafael "Rafes" Peres - AD Carry
Brazil Gabriel "MiT" Souza - Support

Photo: paiN Gaming (HL) and Agency X5

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