Seraph Officially Joins CLG

LoL Nicholas “Endspark” Doucet

Confirming after weeks of speculation and anticipation, Counter Logic Gaming has officially added WooYeong “Seraph” Shin as their new top laner.

Seraph was brought in to replace Zach “Nien” Malhas, who stepped down from his starting role following CLG’s semi-final loss at the hands of TSM in the LCS Spring Split Spring Playoffs.  

Seraph is only the latest in a long list of foreign players moving to North America to participate in the LCS, and comes to CLG with experience playing at the highest level in Korea for NaJin White Shield. Since moving to California, the hype has been building behind Seraph, who quickly rose to Challenger on the NA server while scrimming constantly - his mechanical skill on Yasuo and Nidalee has already earned him significant notoriety among the community.

Of the acquisition, CLG said:


“Our primary focus moving forward remains on improving team communication and facilitating an easy transition between life in Korea and America [for Seraph]. The team is hard at work every day…in order to make a run at Worlds and CLG’s return to Korea”


CLG Roster:

Korea WooYeong “Seraph” Shin (Top)

Germany Marcel “dexter” Feldkamp (Jungle)

UnitedStates Austin “LinK” Shin (Mid)

UnitedStates Peter “Doublelift” Peng (AD)

UnitedStates Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black (Support)


Source and Image: Counter Logic Gaming

Headline Image: Leaguepedia