SKT crush OMG 3-0 to win AllStar 2014

LoL Michale “DreXxiN” Lalor


After tilting due to the first loss while having their favorite champions, OMG fell off and SKT were able to finish the tournament with a perfect record.

Following a dramatic Team Ice victory saved by Froggen in his match against Weixiao, the series in the grand finals would not be as hyphy and would be reminiscent of the grand finals of the Season 3 World Championship. The First Game would absolutely be the closest game of the set.

OMG didn't necessarily start out early, but once Pomelo hit 6 and started utilizing his global ultimate on Pantheon, OMG were able to take control of mid-game fights.  SKT's strength across the whole series was their incredible dragon control which always kept them in the game even when OMG were strong. This allowed SKT to take game 1.

Game 2 would show the immense signature Chinese tilt of losing the first game.  After winning the psychological warfare of closing out a victory with some of OMG's best champions, SKT threw OMG out for a loop by having Pooh lock in Zilean after banning out Morgana.  SKT's dragon control once again would prove crucial to their victory.

While OMG grabbed a few picks, SKT did not allow them to transition anything meaningful, like objectives, out of it.  With Bengi stepping it up compared to his recent performance in Korea and almost hard carrying his team as well as Faker grossly outperforming the tilted Chinese MV Xiyang, SKT Win. 

The Third Game ended in a quick 20 minute bout where OMG were defeated and no longer stood a chance.  Faker rubbed salt in the wound by playing Xiyang's signature Syndra pick against him.


Place Team Prize
1st Korea SK Telecom T1 K $50,000
2nd China OMG  
3rd United States Cloud 9  
4th Europe Fnatic  

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Michale “DreXxiN” Lalor
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