Ninjas in Pyjamas Disqualified from EU LCS Replacement Matches

LoL Nicholas “Endspark” Doucet

In a post on Twitter, Riot Nick Allen has confirmed that Ninjas in Pyjamas are disqualified from the EU LCS Replacement Matches.

Meanwhile, several other Tweets have confirmed that there was an issue with Zorozero’s client, although specifics are still unclear:

Depite the fact that jungler John “hyrqBot” Velles stepped down from the team only moments before the crucial games, it appeared as though NiP would still be participating in today’s event. However, the issues with Zorozero forced Riot to remove them from the tournament after several delays. It seems as though the team is tring to remain positive after this seemingly collosal blunder, as Nukeduck cheerfully Tweeted:

Therefore, the two remaining replacement teams Supa Hot Crew and Meet Your Makers will now play in a best of three to determine who will enter the EU LCS is the place of the removed Lemondogs. The stream can be found here.


Source: Riot Twitter, Nukeduck Twitter

Image: Leaguepedia