SK Gaming holds their spot in the LCS after a tense series

LoL Kelsey “Prehistorique” Moser

After struggling and giving up two games to SUPA HOT CREW XD, SK Gaming capitalized on their excellent picks and smashed through the last three games to requalify for the LCS.

In game one, both SK Gaming and SUPA HOT CREW XD struggled to maintain a lead.  SUPA HOT CREW XD selected more Season Three centric picks like Ezreal and Sona, while SK Gaming managed to land Dr. Mundo, Evelynn, and Sivir.  Jesiz underperformed Moopz, and the game remained dead even for a considerable period of time.  Eventually, though Migxa's ults weren't always on point, some excellent Sona initiations allowed SUPA HOT CREW XD to close out the game.

In the second game, SUPA HOT CREW XD looked more dominant with Dr. Mundo out of the picture.  Migxa's Sona, Moopz's Oriana, and Impaler's Vi chained their ultimates, and SUPA HOT CREW XD were looking like they would take the series and a spot in the LCS with one more game.

The third game's opening saw SK Gaming take their last chance and get a handle on the picks and bans phase.  Despite Sona's lack of popularity in Season Four so far, they realized that her ultimates were instrumental to SUPA HOT CREW XD's success, and they chose to ban her along with Vi.  SK Gaming managed to pick up Dr. Mundo, who created a zone for Candypanda and Jesiz, and Annie, who allowed them to pick fights on their terms.  Unable to contend with a situation in which SK Gaming controled the fights, SUPA HOT CREW XD found their first loss of the series.

In the fourth game, SUPA HOT CREW XD prioritized the Oriana pick over Dr. Mundo, Shyvana, and Annie, who all went into the hands of SK Gaming.  In addition, Jesiz's Ziggs took the stage with commanding results.  This game, SK Gaming perfected the strategy from game three, and this became the most decisive victory of the series.  SK Gaming stepped up their play to even out the playing field.

All four games built up to a final match.  Though SUPA HOT CREW XD banned the devastating Annie and picked up a Shyvana, the previous losses appeared to have shake them, and continuous misplays from Migxa gave SK Gaming's bottom lane small edges.  In addition, Jesiz stuck with the Ziggs pick and managed to bully not just Moopz, but members of SUPA HOT CREW XD across the map with his ultimate.  After two losses, SK Gaming's desperation fueled their play, and they closed out the last three games with increasing levels of mastery.

The Promotion Tournament continues tomorrow with a match between Ninjas in Pyjamas and Kiedys Mialem Team.  Tune in at 21:00 after the Battle of the Atlantic game between Team SoloMid and Lemondogs.