Team Dark Disqualified from OGN Champions Winter

LoL Nicholas “Endspark” Doucet

In Game 2 of their series versus Samsung Galaxy Ozone, Team Dark went against tournament rules of conduct, picking only jungle champions and losing the game in less than ten minutes. The result: complete disqualification from Champions Winter as well as forfeiting any money they would have received.

In the match, Team Dark trolled by choosing only jungle champions as a tribute to former CJ Frost jungler Cloudtemplar, who recently retired from competitive play: Amumu, Skarner, Maokai, Shen and Trundle. They then not only tried to invade Ozone’s jungle at level one, leading to four kills in favor of Ozone, but gave up three more kill moments after completing an early game Dragon. As Ozone pushed into their base at only 6 minutes into the game, Team Dark offered little resistance, opting instead to fill their base with wards.     

As a result of their actions, OGN, Riot Games and the Korean e-sports Association have decided to take strong action against Team Dark for violating the broadcasting contract, specifically Article 6, Section 5, which states:


“violation contrary to sportsmanship and demeanor is prohibited”


While additional disciplinary action may be levied against the players, for now Team Dark is disqualified from Champions Winter and will receive none of the money they would have earned as a top 16 team.

Source: Korean e-sports