BGL Arena LoL #2 is coming

LoL Gabriel “gabrielpumba” Melo

The tournament will be be played this weekend at Arena X5 SBG, Brazil's premier venue for gaming.

For two days, marking the end of Season 3, the Brazilian scene will be agitated once again because of another big tournament; the second edition of BGL Arena League of Legends. The tournament will be played this weekend at Arena X5 SBG, Brazil's premier eSports venue.

With $5,000 in the prize pool, the BGL Arena will be attended by the top four teams from Brazil; paiN Gaming, the Brazilian champion, CnB e-Sports Club, which recently won the International Challenger, KaBuM e-Sports, which represented their country at WCG 2013, and Keyd Team, the runner-ups of WCG Brasil 2013.

Brazil paiN Gaming - Venom, SirT, Kami, brTT and minerva
Brazil CnB e-Sports - Leko, Danagorn, Takeshi, manajj, Alocs and Draek
Brazil KaBuM e-Sports - LEP, bit, TinOwns, Digolera and Dans
Brazil Keyd Team - Snowlz, Revolta, SoulSilver, Mylon, Loop and Hollyz

All the games will be featured on X5TV2's Twitch channel at 07:00 CET.

Gabriel “gabrielpumba” Melo
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