TSM adds Altec as a substitute

LoL Nicholas “Endspark” Doucet

Announced today on Twitter, Johnny “Altec” Ru has become TSM’s latest addition, joining as a substitute for the upcoming Season 4 North American LCS.

The popular streamer is a marksman player, and currently sits in the top 5 of the Challenger tier, making him a legitimate backup for the current player Jason "WildTurtle" Tran.

With the addition of both Altec and Ninjaken to TSM’s roster, and the promise of more to come, TSM owner and team captain Andy “Reginald” Dinh seems to be making steps to secure TSM’s position as a competitive powerhouse well into the future. Both Ninjaken and Altec are promising young players (Altec is only 16), and they could be a part of a revitalised TSM roster if ever any of the current members decided to step away from competitive play.

Source: Twitter