Curse announces new roster and third team

LoL Kelsey “Prehistorique” Moser

Since before the end of the Season 3 World Championship, many teams have been hinting at complete roster revamps.  Curse's new lineup is one of the first to hit social media, featuring Voyboy, iWillDominate, Pobelter, Aphromoo, and Zekent.  In addition, they released a lineup for team LoLPro, retaining both Cop and NyJacky.

Earlier today, Curse SaintVicious hinted on his twitter that Curse would have big news, and most of his followers expected to get a peek at Curse's new roster, but few anticipated the extent of the changes released later on the Curse website.  Voyboy in the top lane is the only Curse member from the end of Season 3 retained.  He is joined by former Dignitas teammate, iWillDominate, in the jungle.  iWillDominate is returning to competitive League of Legends after a season ban from professional tournaments due to his conduct in solo queue.  Curse Gaming has chosen to place their faith in his reformed behavior enough to put him on their roster, which is a strong positive statement for the player.  

Other familiar faces of Season Two fame have taken spots.  Pobelter, formerly the top laner for Curse, has returned as a midlaner.  He left the team when they chose to start a gaming house for Season Three because of his young age, but has since finished High School.  Aphromoo, former support for CLG and AD carry for TSM.Evo, will be playing AD, his preferred role.  Zekent, a streamer popularized for his Poppy top lane and AP Janna, will be joining him in the bottom lane on support.

In addition to this roster, Curse announced Team LoLPro.  Previous Curse members, NyJacky and Cop, return to mid lane and AD carry roles.  They are joined by former Cloud9 jungler, Trickz, and CruzertheBruiser, previously a member of Team Legion, in the top lane.  According to the website, support tryouts are still in progress.

SaintVicious, captain and jungler of Team Curse at the end of the Season Three Summer Split, has taken on the role of coach, and has a positive outlook when referring to the roster changes.

Posted by SaintVicious on reddit:

I am extremely burnt out from playing 2 and a half years straight without much of a break. I think taking a split off and seeing how coaching works out will be really good. After working with the new players during the tryouts I think the new curse line up has a lot of promise.

I may come back next split I have talked with a lot of players about it but I want to see how I like coaching first. For now though I will pry stream every position in solo q more often than jungle to get a feel for everything more. I am really liking ADC at the moment.


In addition to these lineups, Curse Gaming also sponsors Curse Academy, which will be competing in the North American Challenger League alongside Team Curse and will appear in the Season Four Promotion Qualifier as an LCS hopeful.  With three different teams set up so far, it appears the gaming organization is hedging its bets for a successful Season.


Team Curse line-up Team LoLPro line-up

United States Voyboy (Top)
United States iWillDominate (Jungle)
United States Pobelter (Mid)
United States Aphromoo (AD)
United States Zekent (Support)

Source - Team Curse

United States CruzerTheBruzer (Top)
United States Trickz (Jungle)
China NyJacky (Mid)
United States Cop (AD)