MaknooN leaves KT Rolster

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Coming to the end of his contract, the renowned Korean top-laner MaknooN has decided to move on to another team and will thus be leaving KT Rolster Arrows. Daily Esports further report that according to MaknooN, his next team will be "the best team in Korea".

Mostly known as the top laner, captain and star player for NaJin Sword during the period of June 2012 to May 2013, MaknooN decided to leave the organization and join KT Rolster, citing Najin's declining performance as a reason for his departure. His move to KT Rolster A (later renamed to KT Rolster Arrows), however, did not bring him much more success either. After finishing top 12 in Champions Spring 2013, KT A fell to the NLB Summer platinum league where a 0-2 loss to CTU ejected them from the competition.

It is not yet known where the famed top laner will go but according to the man himself, his next home will be "the best team in Korea" whose "team style will be competely different after Maknoon joins". 

MaknooN's departure from Arrows comes with a few player switches within the organization itself. KT Rolster Bullets top laner Ssumday will be transfered to Arrows along with the newly-signed Riris, Renewa and Most3.

KT Rolster Arrows line-up KT Rolster Bullets line-up
Korea Ssumday (Top)
Korea Lira (Jungle)
Korea Zero (Mid)
Korea Riris (AD)
Korea Renewal (Support)
Korea Most3 (Mid, Sub)
Korea inSeC (Top)
Korea KaKAO (Jungle)
Korea Ryu (Mid)
Korea Score (AD)
Korea Mafa (Support)


Source: Inven, Daily Esports

Photo: Inven

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