Gambit Gaming starts boot camp

LoL Juabe “moveslikejuaber” Inciong

In prepataion for Superweek at Gamescom, Alex Ich and his team will undergo intense training in Kiev.

From a post in their official Facebook page, Gambit Gaming has announced that they are now starting its boot camp in preparation for the EU LCS Superweek at Gamescom. It will take place in Kiev, due to ease of access, as well as Erih "Voidle" Sommermann unable to enter Moscow. 

Currently 11-12, the last five games of the Summer Split are crucial. as the stasndings are very close, with the first and last place only six game apart. Thus, very polished play and heavy preparations must be made. 

If Gambit succeeds in qualifying for the World Championship, they boot camp will continue until mid-September.

Source: Gambit Gaming Facebook Page