Fnatic pulling out interesting comps, gets varied results

LoL Juabe “moveslikejuaber” Inciong

Day 2 of the European LCS kicks off with something new played by the Spring Champions.

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Day 2 begins with an interesting match between Evil Geniuses and Fnatic. Both teams showed some rather new technology, as FNC went for a double smite lineup with Nunu in support, while EG's Wickd ran Yorick, someone who hasn't seen much play this Summer split.
While Fnatic was planning to dominate early game with their objective-focused team comp, the Evil Geniuses was able to stop them from snowballing. During teamfights, Yorick became invaluable, as his Omen of Death completely cancelled the burst of FNC, allowing his teammates to take them down. Upon late game, Vayne became too powerful and Nasus too tanky for the Spring Champions to handle.

GMB vs NiP

The next game was between Gambit Gaming and Ninjas in Pyjamas, who currently has a 2-1 matchup score against the Russians. After their loss to EG, GMB would like to go 1-1 and get some momentum back. NiP, however, had other plans.

Bjergsen showed that he was an incredible assassin player, and his Fizz play was amazing to watch. Running Teleport/Ignite, he bounced up and down the map, picking up kills and taking out anyone that was out of position. Not even Alex Ich on Ahri was able to catch the Tidal Trickster, as the NiP mid laner kept outsmarting his opponents, giving his allies time to farm up and snowball, eventually getting the win.


Even with their loss just earlier, Fnatic was still willing to try something different. Up against ALTERNATE, who after Creaton's return seems to be back on top form, they decided to face an aggressive team with an even more aggressive lineup.

Fnatic seemed to be eager at ending the laning phase early, and they showed why. After the first fallen towers, they grouped up as a unit and started ganking left, right and center. While it took some time to end the match, the Spring Champions were always ahead, leaving no room for ATN to breathe.