League of Legends becomes Olympic sport

LoL Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
Another great achievement is reached by the eSports community as League of Legends officially becomes an Olympic sport.
After League of Legends' recognition as an official sport by the US government, another gigantic milestone is reached for eSports as League of Legends gets accepted into the Olympics.   Also in consideration for the honor is Starcraft II and Counter-Strike, though it is not entirely sure which of those titles may make it in.

“We needed a way to make the Olympics more accessible for young people,” said Rogge via his translator, “The sad part is, youth these days do not have the interest or capability to take up other Olympic sports. By introducing the League of Legends as a sport, we hope to rejuvenate the Olympics and maybe get some more youth interested in other Olympic sports like weightlifting or handball.”

Some more quotes were taken with Allen from Gamespot regarding this tremendous leap.


“It’s just good news after more good news for League of Legends,” said Allen in the GameSpot interview, “With the United States taking League of Legends more seriously, we finally managed to convince the International Olympic Committee to make League of Legends an official Olympic sport. My reasoning was that if rhythmic gymnastics is an Olympic sport, then League of Legends can surely be one too.”

“I mean, League of Legends requires skills that can apply to many different Olympic sports,” continued Allen, “In fact, that was the crux of my argument to include League of Legends. You might not believe this, but keeping yourself physically strong is very important in pro League of Legends play. Furthermore, teamwork is also tantamount to success which can be seen in Olympic sports like canoeing and synchronized swimming. I could go on and on, but League of Legends requires just as much dedication as those other Olympic sports.”


Source - p4rgaming