Toyz and Stanley leave Taipei Assassins

LoL Michale “DreXxiN” Lalor
In a shocking announcement about not feeling the team was the same environment or had the same glory in Season 2, the two backbones of the remaining original squadron break away from the team.

With Mistake being moved over to Taipei Snipers shortly after the Season 2 World Championships, Bebe is the last remaining member of the original line-up that would take the world by storm and shock everyone by defeating CJ Frost (then Azubu Frost) for the championship.  

Stanley had an incredibly innovative and successful split push style that he could achieve without dying while Toyz held the team together with his godlike Orianna play.  Unfortunately, the meta caught up to the two, particularly Stanley, who felt like he couldn't play successfully with the meta as it is now.


"It's been a while since my last update. Well, I'll be leaving TPA the end of June. There's a huge change of the metagame in S3, not only the pace of the game was more intense, the change of a champion was also faster. For example, Rumble used to be an OP champion before it got nerf, after that Rumble just disappeared. I used to share the masteries, strategies, and thoughts of some top lane champion on my fan page, but it seemed meaningless since the balance of the game was changing so fast."


Even with all the glory behind them, the team felt it was no longer the same, especially when the management started "falling apart."  The team was shocked to know that Erica, the manager at the time, would be leaving them due to illness of allergies in the Taipei region and could no longer participate with the team, moving onward to work in eSports for Riot Games. 


"Last year after we won S2, I learned that Erica was leaving TPA, I felt sad and didn't want her to go. Erica was really a outstanding manager and only wanted the best for the team. She was not only a colleague, but a very close friend of mine, and she treated us with her heart too."


Now in the aftermath, TPA is left torn and broken and only consistently holding a nearly even W/L ratio in the GPL, but all hope is not lost.  The team itself has shown no signs of breaking up and perhaps a new squadron will live up to the name, though it is unlikely.  In the final game the original squad + Dinter would play together in the GPL, they would use their Season 2 winning team composition with most of their Season 2 commemorative skins in a final tribute to the original glory of the team.

Source - TPA

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