MVP Ozone blank Blaze in OGN Finals upset

LoL Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Spearheaded by DaDe's Zed, the MVP squad 3-0'd series favorites CJ Blaze to become the first OGN champions for 2013 and bank $70,000.

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The incremental improvement of MVP Ozone throughout the entire season of OGN Spring hit its peak in today's grand final. Paired against CJ Blaze, a team which has historically been stronger than them in direct confrontations and has haunted them for a while now, MVP's chances were looking slimmer, right until the series commenced.

Heavily favoring the dueling power of Zed, MVP paired the ninja in various combinations - either running double asssins combo with Elise in game one, having the ravaging presence of Fiddlesticks in game two and adding the invisible threat of Evelynn in game three - to deliver the third all-kill in OGN history and the second one in a row after Sword blanked Frost last season.

This is the first premier league success for Homme and his roster and they walk home $71,000 richer. 


OGN Spring 2013 standings
1st MVP Ozone                                    $71,553
2nd CJ Blaze $35,776
3rd SK Telecom T1 #2 $21,465
4th CJ Frost $16,100
5-8th NaJin Sword $10,732
SK Telecom T1 #1 $10,732
KT Rolster B $10,732
NaJin Shield $10,732


Game 1

If CJ Entus were painfully dominant the previous games they played Ozone, it was not the case today. MVP opened the series aggressively, trying to shut down Flame as much as possible and by the 8th minute they were ahead 3-0, two of those coming from Blaze’s top-laner.

The kill difference continued to increase with time and the 12th minute saw a 3-for-2 team fight at dragon which allowed MVP’s assassins to grow even bigger in strength. In the next few minutes, MVP continued to dive all over the map and five minutes after the dragon fight, a 3/1/2 Zac, 3/0/1 Zed and 3/0/4 Vayne were all there to make Blaze’s life miserable, who were also now down 2 kills to 11. The final blow came to CJ’s head did not lag behind and at 21st minute Blaze were aced for one, lost baron and were forced to surrender with every single carry on their team poor to no end.

Zac engages onto CJ Blaze, ripping apart incoming

Game 2

Trying to not get embarrassed for a second time in a row, Blaze entered the series much more composed and organized and managed to turn most of Ozone’s ganks around. An unofficial quadra kill for Cpt Jack at the 10th minute mark increased CJ’s chances of turning the series around even further and was a small step towards burning away the gold lead which MVP had secured early on.

Not ten minutes later, MVP would show CJ  that this early game success of theirs would be the last one they’d have not only in this game but in the series overall. A 1-for-4 and dragon fight at the 18th minute tilted the scales into MVP’s favor conclusively. Blaze were almost 8,000 gold behind, Flame was completely shut down and, as if that wasn’t enough, the enemy Zed had the DPS burst to solo anybody from CJ.

Although the game would be very much decided at the 30th minute after MVP secured baron uncontested, it would go for another five minutes before CJ give out a final ace for the game and watch their nexus fall for 0-2.

Mata's Fiddlesticks with a deadly pop out for a brutal clean-up of Blaze

Game 3

As the final game commenced, CJ’s early game would collapse for a second time today as the match became a one man show with DaDe’s Zed starring. By the 10th minute mark, MVP’s mid laner was sitting on a 2/0/0 which score doubled five minutes later. Wielding two BotRKs – one on Zed and one on Vayne – MVP stormed the Blaze fortress for the 3-0 win, but not before 4-1’ing CJ to give DaDe a double kill and acing them one last time to make for an elegant championship run.

MVP bash on CJ's final defenses unopposed after an ace-for-one