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LCK Spring 2024

What to watch this week: LCK Spring 2024 DDoSn't Edition

LCK Spring 2024 is the highlight of What to Watch League Edition. With DDoS attacks surrounding it for two weeks straight, can they bounce back this week?

LCK Spring 2024 is back this week with a fantastic string of matches to determine who will make the playoffs in the most significant region in League of Legends, South Korea. 

However, things haven't looked good these past two weeks production-wise. LoL Park has been the target of two separate DDoS attacks from an unknown source.

What to watch this week will focus on whether the attack will persist into the third week. With a potential top-place decider between Hanwha Life Esports, T1, and Gen.G Esports, LCK will try to stop every interruption that tries to barrage this week.

This week's LCK will focus on two series that stand head and shoulder above others. These two matches will be a potential decider to who will get the top place coming to the playoff. 

The first is the modern-day classic series between T1 and Gen.G Esports.  T1 will try to stop Gen.G Esports' momentum on March 9, 2024, and break their loss streak against Chovy and the rest of the team.

The second is the match of third-place Hanwha Life Esports versus the current top of the ladder, Gen.G Esports which will take place on the opening day of this week, March 6 2024

Besides those two matches, the fourth-place battle is still raging between Dplus, KT Rolster, and Kwangdong Freecs. All three are almost guaranteed to proceed to the playoffs.

Dplus and KT Rolster will have the "easier" week. They will not face any of the top three teams. Freecs, on the other hand, will face T1 on the second day this week.

Speaking of production-wise, LCK hasn't had the best record these past two weeks. Granted, the first DDoS attack is unpredictable; the second one, however, is intolerable. It shows LCK production's flaws and unreadiness, especially because it is conducted offline in LoL Park, the state-of-the-art arena of League of Legends in South Korea.

It will need a lot more protection, preparation, and consideration to don the title of “generational esports” in the upcoming years. It will be interesting to see whether or not the attack will continue into the third week.

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