LGD seeks to continue streak while iG tries for their first decisive 2-0

LoL Michale “DreXxiN” Lalor


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LGD vs. PE Game 1
LGD vs. PE Game 2
OMG vs. iG Game 1
OMG vs. iG Game 2

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Positive Energy has been struggling a bit while LGD has been on a win streak. Positive Energy showed strong early game play by grabbing the first couple kills of the game and making sure they had an undetected pink ward in the south river to anticipate ganks. The early game was full of back and forth action.

LGD pulled ahead by being the heavier aggressor, making sure to invade Positive Energy's jungle and take control of the buffs.  Though the kills were back and forth and Rena was being dominated by Positive Energy's jungler and mid, Aluka was practically feeding on Renekton due to all the focus on his lane.  Positive Energy also had far more towers and therefore a huge gold lead.

LGD sieging heavily onto PE.


Positive Energy's issue was also their gold distribution.  Three of the killing blows were on Dada's Thresh. The carries on Positive Energy were gold starved and it showed in the fights. The status of the game escalated quickly as Positive Energy's early game composition didn't have an answer to the heavy aggression brought out by Positive Energy.  Before the 30 minute mark, Positive Energy were cowering beind their nexus turrets and LGD took an easy win.

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In traditional LGD fashion, they started off again rolling 2v1 in an attempt to quickly take out the top tower.  Unfortunately for them, Pyl was very uncareful when Ycc came to assist in the top lane, allowing himself to get instantly flashed upon and bursted for first blood. LGD continued their dominance bottom lane by forcing Positive Energy out before PE could take the tower.  A ziggs bomb later, 1 kill and 1 dragon were acquired for LGD.

The gold disparity didn't prove too large throughout the course of the game, but Quan's camp on the bottom lane was brutal and put PE's marksman and support duo incredibly far beh9ind.  The next dragon fight would be an all-out 5v5 standoff, but LGD won the smite battles as well as the fight that followed. 

LGD's bottom lane a little too complacent during times of danger.


At the 15 minute mark, Positive Energy were being incredibly overzealous and playing as if they were ahead. Their attempts to establish jungle control ended up hurting them and putting them further behind than they needed to be, but their constant aggression also helpoed them to catch up a bit and would find its merits eventually.  Positive Energy were also able to practically duo the dragon after Karma was killed from some harass, but LGD cleaned up.

Oddly enough the baron was enough to even out the game, but more importantly, LGD had higher scaling carries and better gold distribution.  30 minutes in, the gold was dead even, but the pressure of all three lanes were in favor of LGD. They had more than a double turret advantage and the global gold allowed them to flourish.  LGD were able to continue their win streak despite the help from baron for Positive Energy.

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Invictus Gaming were unhappy being wiped out at IEM and were hungry for vengeance, having not seen any 2-0 victories in the LPL.  They started off on the right foot with Impact making a huge impact on the game.  He was able to help PDD get ahead and have a strong 2-0 start on his jungle Pantheon.  The strong point of OMG was LoveLin's LeBlanc support was working out early, though the
y didn't have a huge lead against iG's bottom lane.

Illusion continued to dominate and have 100% kill participating, striking fear into the hearts of every laner from OMG.  OMG showed their discomfort of playing outside of the driver's seat and from behind.  Whenever OMG tried to start fights against Invictus Gaming, Illusion was there to help. However, this was often bot lane which allowed San to thrive. 

Invictus Gaming finding an unlikely advantage onto OMG.


iG's poke was very strong and became a problem; iG's "out of meta" picks were doing better than OMG's.  Zz1tai was showing heavy impact with his Xerath play and Kid and Kitties were beginning to dominate bottom with Illusion's help. Invictus Gaming started dominating teamfights Zz1tai was absolutely wrecking on Xerath from the backlines while PDD was initiating on the front lines.  However, OMG grabbed a baron at 26 minutes to stall out the game.

The sheer standings of the teams would normally dictate that this would be Invictus Gaming throwing and OMG using the baron to swing a comeback, but it was not the case.  The siege became overwhelming for OMG to handle and Invictus Gaming simply showed stronger teamwork, allowing iG to grab a much needed win.

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More "traditional" picks would put an end to the second day of LPL.  Both teams lane swapped against one another so the duos met up in top lane while the tanky top laners fought in the bottom lane.  Zz1tai pulled out his Yasuo for the first time since IEM Katowice.  Illusion would begin his terror in the top lane, patiently waiting for the correct opportunity, which he would find and help secure first blood for Kid along with Kitties.

At around 7 minutes in, a dive would go horribly wrong for OMG. Xiyang baited  Zz1tai to walk forward and get ganked by Pomelo, but Zz1tai was able to ult them and knock them up under tower where Illusion was waiting, securing two kills and grabbing a 3-0 advantage. 

A dive gone wrong.


The lead would continue to grow for the first ten minutes with the only retribution coming from a gank bottom against Kitties, where summoners and ultimates needed to be blown.  However, as the game progressed into midgame, Pomelo would abuse and make Pantheon's global strength apparent, picking up three kills and nearly evening up the game after the bottom tower went down for Invictus Gaming.

Not wanting to go down 2-0 to an inferior rated team, OMG found the vigor to pull nearly 10k ahead in the lategame after acquiring a baron.  However, they were also over eager to close out objectives. When it was time for the second baron, OMG were able to pick that up as well. OMG then aggressed onto the top inhibitor of Invictus Gaming to land the final blow, leaving Invictus Gaming still without a decisive 2-0 victory in the LPL.

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