LCS NA Super-Week: Stats and Fun Facts

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KDA & Farm Awards

The prodigal European mid-laner crossing over the Atlantic did great things for Team Solomid and he had the first week stats to back it up.  Behind his amazing LeBlanc play and superb mechanics, Bjergsen was able to get 30 kills across four games.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have InnoX who seems to have replaced KiWiKiD temporarily as the king of deaths. With 18 deaths, this puts him at over four average a game.

 LemonNation takes the award for most assists on support, helping his team acquire 45 kills and helping ensure Cloud 9 left week 1 with a 75% win rate. Cloud 9's bottom lane didn't fail to impress statistically, with his lane partner Sneaky taking a spot that normally belongs exclusively to Doublelift.  Sneaky was the farm king this week with an incredible average of 317.25 across all four games played.

Even though Balls wasn't able to reveal his fantastic Rumble in the first week of the LCS, he's adapted well to the meta and managed to score the highest KDA for top lane of 5.6 in the first week. Balls had solid games on both Shyvana and Dr. Mundo, but his phenomenal performances really shined on his RenektonMeteos took a second reward for Cloud 9 (the only team with two KDA rewards) with a KDA of 6.4.  Meteos has always been a farm heavy jungler and shows how favorable this patch is for him with more commanding performances.

Cop actually managed the highest KDA, showing he deserved to keep his spot on the main lineup of Curse.  While he may not have been the flashy spotlight of the team, Cop kept reserved to safe champions like Caitlyn and Lucian to acquire his 9.5 KDA, staying in the back and doing as much damage as he can without taking too many risks. Xpecial managed to win the KDA award for TSM, helping them develop into arguably having the strongest bottom lane.  Xpecial's rekindled interest in the game was apparent in his performances this weekend in the LCS.

Most phenomenal of all however is Coast's Shiphtur, with a massive KDA of 13.5 spread across all four days. Shiphtur only suffered two deaths this week playing his godly Nidalee and Leblanc.  On Kayle, he didn't even end up dying.  The second highest, Bjergsen, doesn't even come close with a KDA of 5.75.


Statistically, Team Solomid took the cake for KDA and beat out Cloud 9 despite both teams ending with the same score of 3-1.  Surprisingly though, Curse also surpassed Cloud 9 in team KDA with a 2-2 record.  One place where Cloud 9 narrowly took the cake from Team Solomid was in assists, largely because of LemonNation and the overall teamplay and teamfighting that Cloud 9 is very infamous for. 

XDG and Evil Geniuses beat all the other teams out by a longshot in the Deaths category.

​Most Contested

The pick and ban priorities in North America are actually incredibly varied by the European counterpartElise is unbeilievably popular in North America while teams in North America still don't ever want to deal with Kassadin.  There were quite a few bans on Annie, but she was also allowed through four more times than she was in Europe.  champions like Yasuo, Shyvanna, and Thresh also saw heavy contested rates, unsurprisingly, this week.




ROLE Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Top shyvana (3) shyvana // mundo (3) mundo (5)
Jungle vi // elise (3) elise (3) elise (3)
Mid yasuo // nidalee // gragas (2) yasuo (2) riven (3)
Marksman caitlyn // lucian (4) jinx (4) jinx // lucian (3)
Support thresh // annie (4) thresh // annie (4)

thresh // leona (3)


ROLE Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Top United States Dyrus (316.5) United States Balls (297.3) United States Balls (309)
Jungle United States Meteos (163.5) United States Meteos (151.6) United States Meteos (152)
Mid Denmark Bjergsen (396) Denmark Bjergsen (322) Denmark Bjergsen (305.5)
Marksman Canada Wildturtle (371) Canada Wildturtle (318) United States Sneaky (317.25)
Support United States Xpecial (39.5) Belgium Krepo (32) United States Xpecial (34.75)


  • HotshotGG's Nidalee had 666 CS.
  • Thresh was the most played champion topping at 12; he also had the highest w/l ratio if we don't include the champions that didn't lose.
  • Champions played 2+ times that still had 100% w/l:  Olaf, Leblanc, Karthus, Renekton, Sivir, and Zed.
  • Jinx had the most kills topping in at 38Leblanc was 2nd with 30 even though she was played in 1/3rd the games as Jinx.
  • Yasuo had most deaths at 32.
  • Thresh had by far the most assists topping at an amazing 117. Annie came in second with 66 with 3 less games played
  • Renekton and Vayne were the only 2 champions to be played and not die
  • Teemo tops CS averages with 326, but only saw an appearance in 1 game, Caitlyn tops CS avg with champions played 5+ times with 292.29.
  • NA played 40 different champions and had 24 different bans compared to EU's 41 different champions and 22 different bans.


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Written and formatted by: Michale "Drexxin" Lalor
Graphs & Data by: Kelsey "Prehistorique" Moser, Garry "Aegyo" Chen


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