KMT Jankos: "One week ago it was my dream, and now it became true"

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It has been a week since the EU LCS Promotion Tournament. Out of the three winners, two of them are new contenders. One of them, Kiedys Mialem Team, or KMT, gave many people a surprise when they swept Ninjas in Pyjamas 3-0 in convincing fashion.

GosuGamers managed to grab an interview with KMT's jungler, Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski, as well the their manager, Tomislav "flyy" Mihailov, regarding their recent success.

How does it feel to be in the EU LCS?

Jankos: It feels really amazing, one week ago it was my dream and now it became true. We were preparing for this opportunity such a long time and we did it!

(for flyy)Having managed so many teams, how did it feel for you specifically when they finally made it?

flyy: Well, I had 2 teams before this one with which I was super close to getting in with, but it wasn't meant to be. I am actually happy that I made it exactly with this lineup, because these guys are just amazing!

You were up against NiP, a team that everybody believed would win. Did you feel any pressure? If so, how did you handle it?
Jankos: Well, it was more like pressure of the LCS qualifiers than pressure because of playing against NiP. We were underdogs going into this match up and we used it well. Also, Freeze trash talked us a bit 3-0 etc so we were even more motivated.

flyy: I think the pressure before the match started was higher than when they went into the game. I can also say for sure that I think I was more nervous than the players :D Manager emotions, nothing else to say ;]

Before the game, what kinds of preparation did your team do? How much research did you put in regards to what NiP would do?

Jankos: Well nothing special, we were just scrimming and practicing some champions (meta ones). We also did some research regarding champions but nothing else, we were worried especially about hyrqbot's Gragas so we banned him and it went fine I guess!

flyy: I think we focused on preparing ourselves for what we are comfortable with in 3.14 rather than preparing for the enemy. Of course we did a research on what they play a lot in solo queue, and from some of the scrims they've played vs us, but I think we mainly prepared to not make mistakes and be comfortable out there.

The drafting phase was very interesting.. While most of the champs seen were common in the patch, Kayle definitely wasn't. Was this a special pick that Overpow was working on?

flyy: Not really, we've played Kayle before but in general we didn't had it planned until shortly before the games. We had some last minute scrims vs TSM and we had doubts for leaking info so we just picked some champs. One of which was Kayle and he just felt comfortable and strong vs Orianna so it was insta pick in the first game. And I think the 2nd game was just the mental play from our side to keep it in there.

Jankos: We just practiced it against TSM and it was working good so we picked it :D

During the first two games, hyrqbot picked amumu. Were you guys expecting that? And what are your opinions about it?

Jankos: We were expecting that and we weren't scared of it. We thought that we can shut him down a little bit more but I guess it wasn't necessary cuz hyrqbot's performance wasn't that good. We knew what to do against the mummy, we just sticked to the plan and it worked out

Across the series, how did you feel KMT's performance was as a team? Though you won, were you guys satisfied?

Jankos: Yes, we were satisfied. After scrims against TSM we didn't expect that much because we went like 3-1 (Xpecial already said this) and we were pretty sad about that. We just took a break before matches, play some solo queue, etc. and with a fresh mind went into the games, so yeah we were satisfied for sure! :D

On the individual level, whom among you do you think deserves an MVP title?

Jankos: Well, I think everyone played well so no one really deserves a huge MVP title, but if I would need to choose one it would be probably Overpow (in two first games) and third was just the team! His Kayle performance was just outstanding.

flyy: I think the whole team played with discipline and just capitalized. Overpow and Celaver definitely played as main carries, but the whole team was also built around them. So either Overpow or Celaver.

Now, while you did sweep NiP, those were some long, drawn-out games. It seemed that you guys were having a rough time closing them out. Was this the case?

Jankos: Not really, we knew that we had better late game so when the time came we just ended it. Maybe the second game was a little bit harder because they took Nashor, but then somehow we still managed to beat em

I noticed KMT utlized a lot more splitpushing and pick-style comps, with champs such as Kayle, Nidalee, Thresh, and Elise. Was this the strategy the team is most comfortable with? Or you guys had other strats prepared?

flyy: We had other stuff prepared, but once we saw it works against NiP quite well, we just decided to keep using it. It was more adapting to their playstyle in those games than an upfront preparation for the games.

Now that you guys have qualified, which teams are you guys most excited to play against?

Jankos: For me its Alliance and Gambit because I really want to face Shook and Diamond in the jungle, those guys are just so good, I want to compare my skill to them, and then get better and better and better so maybe some day I will become even better than they are XD

What will be KMT's plans during this small break between qualifiers and the EU LCS come January?

Jankos: Right now, we are just taking a vacation and resting from each other before the real game starts.

Thank you so much for taking the time answering these questions. Any shoutouts you guys would like to make to our future readers, as well as your new fans?

fly: I would like to thank my team for being so awesome! And also would like to thank all the 22% (pre-match poll) that believed in us and I hope we made you proud!

Jankos: Thanks to all the fans for supporting us, as well as to all the organizations who made offers and took interest in us.

Quickfire Questions:

  Jankos flyy
Favorite food Meat Sushi
Biggest fear Not qualifying for LCS To get left by my team
Favorite movie Lord of the Rings Trilogy Any kind with Singing/Dancing
Favorite animal Dog Dog
Childhood dream job Teacher Sportist
Favorite game before LoL Warcraft 3 CS 1.6
Favorite champion Lee Sin Caitlyn
Most hated champions Riven Udyr

Life role model

Chuck Norris Carmac
Favorite quote Love? No, I prefer vodka Never give up, never surrender!