Mineski: "We wanted to fight TSM, because we think we can take them on."

LoL Juabe “moveslikejuaber” Inciong

This interview was held last September 7, 2013 but due to technical difficulties, was only able to publish today. It was done in Tagalog and thus, was translated by the interviewer. Yume and Tgee had classes so they were asked after the initial interview.

Let us start with a little history. Could you tell me how Nirvana.DK, the team before it was recruited by Mineski, started?

Exo: Our team captain, Yume, sought other solo queue players that were compatible to the roles we needed. All of us were from different teams, but we knew each other to some extent.

Yume: I already knew Exo for a while, so I invited him to make a team with me. I felt that with him, we would be able to build a strong squad.

Speaking of the past, we all know that here in the Philippines, DotA was, and still is, a big thing. So have you guys played the game at a competitive level prior to LoL?

Exo: Me, not competitively, but I did play.

Kaigu: I have played in tournaments.

The DotA vs LoL conflict is well-known, so being professional players, what do you think is the state of that issue here?

Exo: I don't think there is an issue, in fact we are in very good terms with our DOTA 2 Team.

Kaigu: Sometimes we even play with them.

Now, going to Kaigu. You were a mid player for the first cycle of the Manila Eagles, but now you play jungler. How did you shift from one role to another?

Kaigu: Actually, I have played jungle during Season 1, only switching to mid during Season 2. So when I was needed to play jungle again, I simply recalled what I knew before.

Since we are near the MLE talk, there was an issue around the start of Season 2 of the GPL regarding the choosing of the team to represent the Philippines, could you tell me a little information about that?

Exo: The truth is, we were supposed to become the new Manila Eagles, but uring that time we were sponsored by Mineski, and we can't sponsored both by them and Garena, so we chose the former.

So with that in mind, we are your honest opinions regarding MLE Cycle 2's performance?

Kaigu: I think they are ok, but compared to other SEA teams, they lack mechanics.

So let's talk about the SEA Regionals. The winner, Team Exile, wasn't able to attend to Vietnam due to passport issues. When did you guys find out about this?

Kaigu: We were told about this by Team Exile right before the finals, so before the game, we already know that we are going to the SEA Regionals.

This means you are able to prepare for the SEA regionals enough?

Snoy: Not much (laugh)

Exo: We solo queue.

Kaigu: Sometimes we scrim with KLH.

So now are at the SEA regionals, you came back after being defeated by SGS in Round 2. First off, could you tell me something about the drafts?

Snoy: We made sure that Tofu wouldn't get Rumble this time.

Kaigu: We knew that SGS will always center their team comps around Kaigu, that's why we picked champions that have strong gap closers that are able to pass through even Zyra.

Yume: Last time, SGS were able to use their champs

TGee: We realize that if we make those bans, SGS would be forced to take champions that are uncomfortable to them, which is good since they are a teamfight-oriented group

Yume: Actually, in picks, we don't have a set teamcomp. We focus more on counterpicking and getting the OP champions. We especially prefer champions that can be switched around, such as Jarvan and Zac.

Speaking of picks, what were your reactions when SGS took Akali during Game 2?

Yume: When they picked Akali, we knew that we were going to LA, cause they thought Nasus would be the one on top since Kaigu's been playing lee most of the tournament. But they don't know Snoy can play Lee Sin top, and he is actually more used to that champion, that's also why we knew that snoy will immediately win his lane

(For Snoy) Though you were pushed hard, you still managed to get back in the game. It is also the first time in a while that I've seen a Jarvan build a Hydra. What was your reasoning behind the itemization and how were you able to bounce back?

Snoy: Ravenous Hydra is a good item for me because it is great for clearing waves,  and it deals a lot of damage to Chawy. I would be able to burst him down. As for bouncing back, Jarvan IV can do a lot more than Renekton, so as long as I don't lose hard and feed him, I would always have more use.

​(For Kaigu) Uou and Harleluyar were constantly making plays, yet you manage to get more farm than him, has this farm-heavy jungling always been your style?

Kaigu: Yes, I have always played that way. When the solo lanes leave, I cover them and soak up as much XP and gold as I can.

(For Exo) During that time, Blue Ezreal was the popular build, yet you chose to get a Bloodthrister, followed by a Statikk Shiv and an Iceborn Gauntlet. Why did you prefer these items?

Exo: I made good use of the "on-hit" power of Shiv and Iceborn, and those items are useful in a teamfight, especially the slow.

Weren't you afraid you going OOM?

Exo: The Blue Buff was given to me, so there was no mana problem.

This is kinda obvious, but what did you feel when you guys won?

Kaigu: We didn't expect it. We were so happy.

Now the World Championships is close, and the groups have been drawn. What can you say about your opponents?

Kaigu: We were slightly discouraged, but we are now starting to watch VoDs of their games and study them.

Which team among the four are you guys most excited to play against?

Kaigu, Exo, Tgee, Yume: Gambit

Snoy: MVP Ozone

Among the team that aren't in your group, which one of them do you want to fight the most?

Snoy: TSM and GamingGear

Kaigu: We wanted to fight TSM, because we think we can take them on.

What do you think is your advantage coming into the group stages?

No one know the extent of our champion pools, which allows us to make comfort picks

Thank you so much guys for taking the time. Any shout-outs you wanna say?

Mineski: We would like to thank our sponsors and our fans for supporting us.