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With a bit of a delay and almost mid-way through June we bring you the hero stats from May 2013. And sadly, that was a slow month in terms of competition.
Below, we've gathered the numbers from 127 games across six tournaments (which is exacly half of the matches we had in April), the latter including Shanghai All-Stars, OGN Spring playoffs, OGN Spring group stage, Tencent LPL, NLB Spring and GPL Summer.

Most picked

Very few things have changed in the most picked department, the most notable among them has been the rise of Kennen and Zac, two champions who were both picked 29 times in April and overall failed to make the top 15.
Whether if it's because of the lower amount of games played, the ever-increasing popularity of the champion in the Asian meta and particularly combo compositions, or the shift of ban focus towards Jayce and Zac, Kennen now sits tied for the 11th spot with Rumble, a name which has more often than not appeared in the Top 16. Three spots below is the green bouncing blob, who barely edged out Ryze from the table by the power of higher "first picked" rating.
Speking of first picked, Elise climbed on the top of last month's ranking, pushing Thresh and Jarvan IV - i.e. the former #1 and #2 - quite far below. The runner-ups are Jayce and Diana, who were absent from this particular ranking for a very long time and only now return as highly sought picks. Whether this tendency will remain now that active LCS season resumes remains to be seen.


Most banned and most contested

The "Most Banned" graph is also all about familiar faces with one clear distinction: If last month's competition for the most hated prize was close between Twisted Fate and Shen, nobody even came close to challenging the man with the cards. 
An easily explainable phenomenon, certainly. With the American and European LCS circuits on a break, LoL competition was down to tournaments with heavy (if not exclusive) Korean and Chinese presence. In fact, Twisted Fate's popularity in Korea in particular was so high, that it reached 100% pick/ban rate and so seeing Twisted Fate outracing the runner-up in Elise with almost a 100% should not surprise anybody.

Win rates (for champions picked > 5 times)

For a second month in a row, the top 10 win rate graph continues to be dominated by an AD carry, with Tristana taking the torch off Graves this time around and being only champion to break the 70% win rate line. Vayne comes second, followed by Twisted Fate, Kennen and the ever-present Irelia who complete the top five. 
Additionally, we see the retun of Ryze, Lee Sin and Ezreal. While all three have been incredibly popular picks historically, they long suffered from average success until this month.
Going right to the "dark side" we're greeted by one Janna, who is May's least-winning champion. What's more interesting about the champion is her constant decline in success, starting at 61% in March, going down to 42% in  April and now sitting at 21% in May. While no crushing nerfs have been suffered, Janna's decaying win rate can easily be explained with the meta change towards aggressive supports like Thresh and Leona, as well as the rising popularity of diving junglers such as Zac and Nautilus who can negate Janna's peeling abilities.

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