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The group stages for LCS spring in both North American and Europe are over and it’s reckoning time. In the first part of this LCS-special Stats Corner duology we examine the 112 games of NA spring group stage and put the metagame to graphs. And graphs, for the lack of better word, are good. Graphs are right. Graphs work!

Most picked: The rise of Caitlyn

Remember when the Ads in the “Most picked” graphs were came down to Ezreal and one or two others? Nowadays, it seems things are not very much changed only with Caitlyn in Ezreal’s place. The anime spelunker at least made it to the top fifteen (seeing how he missed that spot in last month’s statistical overview) and is joined by Miss Fortune at the bottom of the table, way behind Caitlyn. That by itself is a curious development. The March statistics from the entire scene showed heavy preference of Miss Fortune over Caitlyn for her team fight potency. Americans in particular, however, seem to value Caitlyn’s immense laning power and late-game excellence more. Another interesting case is Nasus, who outraced Xin Zhao for the spot of the second most popular jungler. America in particular was a bit behind catching up on using Nasus and favored the Demacian spearman heavily in the early weeks (at one point enjoying a 100% pick/ban ratio) but the heavy ranged slow in Wither and the ability to melt Dragons and Barons through Fury of the Sands were apparently too powerful to overlook. Finally, we see the return of Alistar, a champion that lost its popularity as support when champions like Lulu, Leona and Zyra came in the limelight and his kit of CC/displacement/tankiness granted him the title of top four support, pushing down the former two champions.


Most banned and most contested: Nothing new on the ban front

As much as I’d like to talk about enticing irregularities, I really can’t. Nothing has changed in NA over the weeks compared to last month’s stats and Kayle and Twisted Fate continue to be the most hated champions. Nidalee is the only champion that was not there the last time we counted statistics but, hey, if you have HotShotGG on top, you will have a lot of Nidalee bans. And talking about how Shen is among the most contested hasn’t been hip since the autumn of last year…


Win rates (For champions picked > 8)

Shall we all agree that talking about the winners is significantly less exciting than talking about the losers? After all, who is surprised that TF, Shen and Kha’Zix are winning games? Zyra has also been here before (plus she was played in just eight games, essentially giving her a lesser game loss margin) so her first place is not exactly an anomaly. What can be mentioned as anomaly is Kayle’s abhorring 35% win rate. It turns out that until recently the most hated and contested champion can’t win that many games in North America (overall, in March she had the way more stable 47%). This can be explained by how make-or-break Intervention is during team fights but the number is just too low to be overlooked. At the similar percent sits Zed, also one of the most popular and contested champions on the scene.These low win rates are certainly worth exploring and our Stats Corner on LCS Europe group stage will hopefully help us understand – is this a problem of NA in particular, can Europeans play Zed and Kayle better and have those champions’ win rates suffered because of the longer periods of time explored (ten weeks of LCS play, compared to four weeks of March competition).


Where was it played? The games with the rare picks

Annie_Splash_0.jpg Galio_Splash_0.jpg 1361934144.jpg Veigar_Splash_0.jpg nautilus_splash_0.jpg Viktor_Splash_0.jpg Nami_Splash_0.jpg

Full stats

Expect the next Stats Corner covering LCS EU Spring group stage tomorrow, April 23rd. Until then - hooray for large graphs! Total champions used: 87/111 Champions neither picked, nor banned: blitzcrank fiora garen gangplank heimerdinger karma malzahar yi mordekaiser pantheon poppy rammus rengar sejuani shyvana sion sivir shaco skarner swain talon teemo warwick zilean


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