2014 Demacia Cup

  • Start date Jun 8, 2014
  • End date Aug 26, 2014


Demacia Cup Season 2

Jun 9, 2014

News & Features

Demacia Cup Primer: Acfun vs Hangong Club

Demacia Cup Primer: Acfun vs Hangong Club

The Demacia Cup Matchup on July 7th features Acfun from LSPL and Hangong Club from the Tencent Games Arena Grand Prix. We're here to introduce you to the teams and give you a hint on what you can expect.

LoL Prehistorique

China Talk ep.3 Released

China talk is a series where Chinese eSports enthusiasts talk about and analyze the Chinese metagame, the scene, LPL, Demacia Cup, and other events, and offer English website.

LoL DreXxiN

PDD Announces His Retirement

Liu "PDD" Mou revealed he will retire. The announcement follows Invictus Gaming's first LPL best-of-two without him yesterday.

LoL Prehistorique

Actscene and Ninja join WE

Chinese gaming organisation World Elite (WE) reinforces their League of Legends roster with two Korean talents who were competing for teams Najin Black Sword and Prime Optimus until today. 

LoL lrineltz
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