North American Challenger League

  • Prize pool $35,000
  • Start date Oct 7, 2013
  • End date Dec 18, 2013

Prize pool - $35,000 USD

1. $10,250 USD 5. $2,750 USD
2. $6,250 USD 6. $2,750 USD
3-4. $4,500 USD 7-10. $1,000 USD


Participating teams

North America COGnitive Gaming North America Team Coast
North America Team Curse North America Velocity eSports
North America vVv Gaming North America compLexity Gaming
North America Curse Academy North America Determined Gaming
North America Gold Gaming LA North America Napkins in Disguise

Main event

Group stage
  • Qualifier will occur for the 10th spot into the league.
  • 8 Week Season, Oct 7 - Dec 11.
  • 10 teams split into two conferences of five each.
  • Teams will play each team in their conference four times, and cross-conference teams twice.
  • The top 3 teams from each conference go to playoffs.
  • Status: Completed

Location: USA  


NACL Season 1 - Playoffs

Dec 13, 2013

NACL Season 1 - Group Stage

Oct 7, 2013
Group A - Regular Season
Group B - Regular Season
Interleague - Interleague

News & Features

Team Coast wins NACL

Team Coast wins NACL

After a best of five set against Complexity, Team Coast took the series and the title, only dropping one game.

LoL GosuGamers
Coast now 13-0 in the NACL

Coast now 13-0 in the NACL

The recent LCS participants and current North American powerhouses "Team Coast" are continuing to floor the NACL.

LoL GosuGamers
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