About the SC2 Crew

hattfatt @ 19th September 2012 23:07 (Read 3,146 times).
It’s widely known the SC2 crew is the best here at GosuGamers. With all this unprecedented yet completely expected hype you might think we are some group of genius badasses. For instance, you might think we are these guys:

We’re actually these guys:

Yes, they are going to be friendly, but what’s life if it doesn’t end with you getting filled with love in the chest repeatedly. This might seem like a happy outlook but it’s really the thing that keeps getting us featured on the official Starcraft Facebook page. After all, you can’t look good getting filled with love in the chest if you haven’t written any spiffy articles, and let’s face it, being a Brony doesn’t look good on your resumé.

Now join me, brothers, in reciting our litany: the world revolves around sex...