lcs championship 2021

Who is going to Worlds from the LCS?

With only three slots up for grabs, it’s anyone’s game in the LCS Championships.
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evil geniuses lcs championship

Evil Geniuses has resurged in the LCS Summer Split

EG has been one of the top-performing teams during the LCS Summer Split, improving on their previous Spring run.
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nongshim redforce lck summer split

Nongshim RedForce leads the charge in the LCK Summer Split

The South Korean squad have been tearing up the LCK Summer Split, winning their last six matches in a row and topping the group.
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psg talon pcs summer split

PSG Talon remains undefeated in the PCS Summer Split

The Hong Kong-based squad is currently 11-0 with just two weeks remaining in the PCS Summer Split.
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league of legends patch 11.15

Everything to know and expect with Patch 11.15

The latest Patch 11.15 update is dropping into LoL with a new champion, a slew of changes, as well as various nerfs and buffs.
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rng lpl summer split

What is going on with RNG in the LPL Summer Split?

The MSI 2021 winners have had a roller coaster ride of a season so far, winning just as many as they have lost.
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counter logic gaming lcs

When going behind-the-scenes becomes too much in esports

After the latest PR drama coming out from Counter Logic Gaming's Twitter, we take a look at what transparency is for esports.
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lpl 2021 summer split

Halfway Point: LPL 2021 Summer Split

We're now heading to China for the LPL 2021 Summer Split with five weeks of gameplay already over.
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lck 2021 summer split

Halfway Point: LCK 2021 Summer Split

We're right at the halfway point for the LCK 2021 Summer Split with just five weeks left to go before the playoffs.
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lec 2021 summer split

Halfway Point: LEC 2021 Summer Split

The LEC 2021 Summer Split is heading towards the endgame; here’s what we know so far.
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