Note: Failure to read and understand these rules will in no way, shape or form excuse a team from breaking them. If you do not understand these rules, you may ask an admin for help. These rules are final. Any updates in these rules during a running event will be announced by GosuGamers at least 3 (three) days before being enforced.

These rules are generalised rules for all gosugamers events. Some events may use different rules for some things such as format. In this case, the rule changes will be posted when the tournament & signups are announced. In all cases, rules posted with signups will apply instead of the rules posted below.

Administration & Admins

1. For each tournament, GosuGamers announces a list of official admins, head admins, streamers and casters that are allowed in games and, in case of admins, have the right to make decisions about rules. These lists are final and will be updated when necessary.
2. Match admins have final say in all matters. Choosing to ignore an admin’s instructions (if within reason) may lead to a warning, match forfeit or disqualification.
3. If a situation arises that is not covered in these rules, admins have the power to decide how they see fit.
4. If either team believes an admin’s judgment is not correct, they may ask for a head admin to review the case.
5. In case a head admin is not around to decide, both teams will play on until either all games are played (3 in best of 3, 5 in best of 5) or one team wins regardless of the decision (such as a team wins 4 matches in a best of 5).
6. Head admins will make a decision within 24 (twenty-four) hours, and will inform both teams of the decision.
7. Teams may report any admin if they suspect favoritism or decisions that contradict the rules. GosuGamers will review these reports and take appropriate action where necessary.

Warnings & Disqualification

1. Breaking any of the rules in this document may lead to either a warning, your team being forced to forfeit a single match, or disqualification of one or more individuals or teams. Admins will decide what punishment is appropriate depending on what rules were broken.
2. Disqualified teams forfeit their claim to any prize money they would earn in the tournament they are disqualified from. In case of sponsored teams, GosuGamers retains the right to inform your sponsor of the disqualification and the reasons for it.
3. Unsportsmanlike conduct such as bad language, griefing, racism, profanity, rude acts, vulgar acts, acts of belligerence, and disrespect for an admin, streamer or caster will result in a warning.
4. An admin may decide to give out a warning for whatever other reason he believes to be worthy of a warning.
5. After three warnings, a team will be disqualified from the event.

Rosters and Registration

1. Rosters and registrations are completed entirely through the GosuGamers Play platform (play.gosugamers.net).
2. Your registered teams must have an up-to-date roster, team name and tag.
3. Your teams contact information (the e-mail registered to your gosugamers account) will be used for contacting teams. GosuGamers and its crew are not responsible for missed winnings or results as a result of out-of-date contact information.
4. Players may not use a game account that is not registered to them in the team roster.
5. Teams may only use players on their roster.
6. Once a player has played in a tournament match for a team, he may not play for any other team in that tournament under any game account.
7. Teams may have up to 8 players in their roster.

Deliberate attempts to break these rules will result in a ban for the player, and may extend to a ban for the team. This ban is indefinite and persists as long as gosugamers.net wishes it to. If in doubt, please contact an admin before you act.

Bugs, Restrictions & Items

1. It is not allowed to block creeps from reaching their destination (e.g. blocking base entrance) in any way, including but not limited to spells such as Fissure.
2. It is not allowed to use Wildsoul's bear to directly pull creeps from the lane. (He may, however, use the bear to pull neutrals into the lane)
2. Deliberate use of bugs or exploits is not allowed.
3.The following items may not be shared for extended periods of time during a single game: Bottle, Lifetube, Manatube, Sustainer, Scarab, and Trinket of Restoration. Admins will decide what is regarded as fair use in this case.


1. Each match has a set date and time, determined by admins, based on the timezones of each team.
2. Teams may request to reschedule no less than 72 (seventy two) hours before the new match time. A request must contain the new date and time of the match.
3. A rescheduled game must take place in the same week as the original match time.
4. In case of rescheduling, both team captains must confirm the new match time to an admin. This may be done in-game, through [email protected] or on #gosugamers.hon on IRC QuakeNet.
5. Until an admin confirms, rescheduling requests will not be accepted. This means that a match will be rescheduled only after an admin confirms.

Before the Match

1. Teams in different regions should decide on a neutral host location that is suitable for the match (server with the overall lowest ping for both teams). In most cases, GosuGamers will provide a server selection scheme upon announcing a tournament. If such a scheme is present, it must be used unless both teams agree otherwise.
2. Teams in the same region should use a server located in that region.
3. If the teams cannot agree upon a neutral host location then the server will be decided by a match admin.
4. No observers or referees are allowed in a match unless they are match admins, shoutcasters, or streamers. GosuGamers will announce a list of official match admins, casters and streamers. People not on this list must be cleared by an admin. If a match admin allows or denies someone for any reason, that ruling must be followed.
5. If a team does not show up for a match within 15 (fifteen) minutes of the scheduled time they will forfeit the match. Match admins or the opposing team can extend this time period.

Game Settings

1. Game Mode: Banning Pick, 5v5, Forests of Caldavar.
2. Game Options: All Heroes, Tournament Rules.
3. Teams will decide for themselves which team picks side and which team chooses the pick order. If teams cannot find a way to do this, an admin will have them decide it by a die roll.

During the Match

1. In case of an in-game dispute, pause the game and contact a match admin.
2. In the case that both teams cannot agree on a decision or an admin is not available, the remainder of the match will be played out and the teams can submit the replay match ID for an admin review/appeal afterward.
3. Teams are allowed to remake the game if a remake vote succeeds.
4. If a player drops his team is allowed to pause a single time without the opposing team unpausing (giving the appropriate player a chance to reconnect in a timely fashion).
5. If a Player is disconnected for a total of 10 minutes or more, either team may have that the game continue without the missing player.
6. Should a hero prove to be bugged in such a way that harms it’s effectiveness severely, the team using that hero is entitled to have the game ended and the result discounted. This rule is applied only during the first 20 minutes of any match. A new game will be started immediately with the same settings (pick order, side, server) but with new hero picks.

After the Match

1. A team wins when:
- Their opponent successfully passes a concede vote.
- They destroy their opponent’s World Tree (if they are Hellbourne) or Sacrificial Shrine (if they are Legion).

2. The match ID must be submitted by one of the teams to tournament admins in-game. If an admin does not confirm, the IDs should not be considered submitted and teams should attempt to contact a different admin. If there are no admins present, you may contact one via PM on gosugamers.net. Please give admins a little time to respond, they can often be busy working on requests and submissions from many teams at the same time.
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