WC3L : Colorful disqualified

Posted by Jonathan "stealthunter" Melançon at 28 April 2009 20:57

Recent event didn't helped the Chinese-based team to continue playing in this major series

Due to some of their actions and decisions Team Colorful took in the 15th season of the ESL WC3L, they got rejected from future qualifiers and seasons. This decision occur two days after Colorful decided to forfeit a whole match against nGize and some minor penalty here and there. But not only the team can’t participate in future events, but every players in the team will be unable to participate in the WC3L.
China Colorful Roster
Wulin Ace
Future JinGze
MyStar sTwhy
From the news
While this decision probably isn't fair towards all participants, we feel that it is the 'fairest' decision we could make.

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