FoCuS beat Susiria to go to the Semis

Posted by Jonathan "stealthunter" Melançon at 15 August 2008 03:36

Two players are now out of the competition in the World Cyber Games Korea, both MYM players

On Monday, two MYM players were battling to get a spot to the semi finals. A Night-Elf mirror match opposing the winner of the last WWI, Jang “ Moon “ JaeHo, to Jae Shin Park, known as EVE. Moon was able to get away of the quarterfinals by beating EVE with a perfect score on Turtle Rock and Gnoll Wood.

Today, another Meet Your Makers player, this time Susiria had to face the Fnatic Orc player FoCuS. Unfortunately for MYM, and fortunately for Fnatic, FoCuS defeated the Undead player on Turtle Rock and Gnoll Wood too, winning both maps. Moon now knows his opponent for the second round that will be played on the 15th of August. But before that, there are two other matchs that will be played, opposing the newest addition of mTw FoV and SouthSea on August 13th.

While an mTw clash is expected on August 14th, WinNers against whO.
The three best players of this tournament will obtain a pass to go to Cologne, Germany to represent Korea.

Upcoming match
mTw|FoVAugust 13th SouthSea
mTw|WinNersAugust 14th mTw|whO
MYM]MoonAugust 15th fnatc.FoCuS

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