ToD joins up with Mousesports

Posted by Jacob "Ceogar" Berghult at 01 December 2007 21:57

Just a little while ago the Four Kings guru ToD left the clan, now he has found a new home in the German based clan Mousesports.


Germany Dennis "HasuObs" Schneider
Sweden Kim "SaSe" Hammar
Russia Dmitriy "Happy" Kostin
China Wei Liang "Fly100%" Lu
China JianKai "Yumiko" Yu
China Yuanyuan "Y" Du
China Wenhua "Ellis" Huang
France Yoan "ToD" Merlo
China Haifeng "Laowu" Guo
China Xiang "Sed" Hu
Many have been wondering which team ToD would decided to join, now he has finally made his decision. The German based clan can now add another great Human player to their roster. The major parts of the clan has at the moment their roots in China or are currently living there.

Even though ToD received many offers during his time as an clan less player he waited a few weeks before he took his decision.

- After leaving 4K I took my time to decide what team I would join. In order to make sure I would chose the right one, says ToD in the official press release. It is known that SaSe and ToD are good friends and train together as they both live in China for the moment. That might be one of the reasons he decided to join up with the clan.
- I will be teaming with Mouse, where I have a couple of good friends already playing, I hope we can reach the very top together and have some fun, ends ToD.

Mousesports - Source