HoN to launch in China

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After CIS, Latin America and the big success in South East Asia, S2 Games and Jingle try to establish Heroes of Newerth in the Chinese market. Almost four years after the launch in North America and Europe, the company is ready to embark the project to one of the biggest untapped market out there.
Right as DreamHack Winter 2013 closed it's door on the most recent HoN tournament with stayGreen emerging victorious once more, S2 Games had exciting news to be released on their forums. After a long time of developing and negotiating a deal with Chinese partners, a deal was able to be announced. Alongside with Jingle and various other regional partners, the company is going to try to bring the local audience the best and most stable game experience ever.
We are very excited to be working with Jingle, a great partner equipped with extensive experience in MOBA game operations, to launch HoN in China. The game has been enjoyed by millions of gamers in US, Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Since HoN's debut in other regions, we have been received encouraging request from people in China asking when the game will be made available for China market. We are glad to say that now HoN is ready.
- Mark DeForest, Founder and CEO of S2 Games
The game was rumoured to get a release over in China for a while now, especially after Garena promoted the region in high-profile tournaments like the Garena Star League 2013 and DreamHack Summer 2013. In both tournament a team from the region, carrying the banner for the gaming-crazed nation. The success on the servers was limited, but the exposure the game got and the excitement it created were by no means little.
We are honored to partner with S2 Games to bring HoN into China. We have been closely working with S2 Games on the localization and optimization for Chinese gamers. We want to ensure that gamers in China will be able to enjoy the same level of excellence of competitive gameplay together with their peers from all the world.
- Huang Qunyi, Jingle's CEO
When the actual client and infrastructure will go live is not yet determined, but the framework should be already laid out. Alongside Jingle other partners like the well-known Tencent will join the project in order to guarantee the game to have the best service for the local players. Also nothing is said so far about China as a eSports nation in terms of potential tournaments, launch events or other project. Currently it is just two partners finally striking a deal and pursuing a quick and swift start of the game in China to expand the global reach of Heroes of Newerth and strengthen it's position on the Asian continent - where Thailand is the biggest market that HoN has in the world.
Source: HoN Forums