SEA HoN Tour officially announced

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 02 July 2013 14:07
It was rumored for a while, ever since Milkfat leaked the information about HoN Tour Season 2 being international on a podcast some months ago. Now the South East Asian region announces their model of the HoN Tour concept.
The wait was long, but today the first part of HoN Tour Season 2 is announced. The South East Asian region is the first of the four regions in HoN to announce some specifics about their version of HoN Tour, while also giving away some teasers about the conception of the entire "World Cup" of HoN Tour Season 2.
According to a Garena press release all nations in South East Asia will be allowed to compete in the illustrious SEA HoN Tour, also including the prominent Thai region with teams like Made in Thailand, KaiD, Neolution eSports.MRR and Turtle Master. Those teams already have experience with their own little Thai HoN Tour, which was won last weekend by MiTH.s2y, now they will join their SEA brothers from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia for the ultimate HoN challenge on SEA soil.
The structure of the SEA HoN Tour is fairly similar to the one the Thai HoN Tour introduced at the beginning of this year - the league will be divided into three divisions - G-League, Division 1 and Division 2. Just like the different divisions in the NA/EU scene, those divisions will have a different amount of prize money and prestige attached to them, with the greatest teams of the region playing for the honor and privilege to win one of four cycles in the G-League. 
Qualifiers to determine the seeding will be held soon to determine which teams start in which division, with the real HoN Tour part of the deal kicking off in July. 
The press release also states that the NA/EU region, Latin America and the CIS region will have their own HoN Tour featured this season - something that is not surprising anyone. The part that is new though is, that the Champions of each region will square off in an "International Finals" tournament to determine the ultimate "World Champion" in Heroes of Newerth.
The full prize pool of the entire SEA HoN Tour season will be $100,000 SGD (~ $80,000 USD). After the Garena Star League spectacular and the currently hosted Malaysian Singapore HoN Championship event, this is the third major tournament that Garena.SEA is hosting for their dedicated Heroes of Newerth community.