Yamaha.s2y Punches DreamHack Summer 2013 Ticket

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 05 May 2013 14:47

Source: Yamaha.s2y Facebook

The DreamHack festivities are a stable on the HoN calender ever since the early stages of the game. Every year the MOBA game from S2 was present at the large LAN event in Jönköping, Sweden - no other this year. Today the first qualified team secured their ticket - the Thai team Yamaha.s2y. 

The tides have turned in Thailand as it seems. Earlier this year Neolution eSports.MRR was the dominant force, the standout team of the region, the force to capture all G-League titles with ease. Ever since the Garena Star League 2013 that has changed with two new teams emerging and surging to the top of the rankings in Thailand. Namely Yamaha.s2y and Turtle Master have given the established MRR a run for their money - not only during the GSL event, but also in the two tournaments after.

Neolution eSports.MRR only got third in the latest season of the G-League (the Thai counterpart to HoN Tour Diamond Division) after winning the last two season in dominant fashion. They ultimately got kicked out by Yamaha.s2y, who then proceeded all the way to the Championship of the April season. So the focus of MRR shifted to the DreamHack qualifier of the Thailand region, but here they got kicked out by Turtle Master in the Semis. The only Thai team to ever play in the DreamHack events was eliminated and the two main rivals of them were slugging it out for the coveted prize of winning the trip to Sweden.

In the end Yamaha.s2y cruised through their opponents, scoring a very decisive 3-0 sweep to get the DreamHack ticket. The young team of Turtle Master had little to no resistance against the strong Thai squad around captain and drafter peter_yedss, who put his team in a position to succeed right from the draft. Afterwards it was mostly on tianzanaruk5 to carry the team - a task he didn't take lightly with heroes like Sandwraith, Emerald Warden and Master of Arms. In two out of the three maps he eclipsed the 500 GPM mark and helped his team with immense damage in every team fight.

The team of Sorry Sorry can now plan for a trip to the Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden to compete against the best HoN teams in the whole world featuring competitors from the CIS region, China, SEA and four teams from NA/EU. They are in for a tough challenge, but they proved their talent and skill against high-level competition at the GSL event and they are more than eager to outdo the good impression Neolution eSports.MRR made last DreamHack.

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