G1-Series Determining CIS Winter Champion

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 26 February 2013 14:52

While the international server region approaches their Championships slowly but surely, the CIS region is almost set for their big season finale with $6,000 USD prize pool and the eigth best CIS teams.

The CIS region in Heroes of Newerth is one of the emerging forces in the scene today. With a steady flow of content and good teams the CIS region is not only making a push for better performances at the DreamHoN events, but also on upcoming clashes with the international server regions in Thailand and in the SoundBlaster Heroes League. Still they also have their own inner regional tournaments to determine the King of CIS.

Now the Winter Season of the G-Series ends with the big G1-Tournament featuring five pro teams and three additional qualificants that will get the chance to compete for a prize pool of $6,100 USD. Usually the season ending also has a travel stipend or qualification to a big tournament like the DreamHoN events or the GSL event attached to it, but this Winter Season it's just for the money, the prestige, the honor and being the best CIS team.

Prize Pool Distribution:

1. Place: $3,000 USD
2. Place: $1,500 USD
3. Place: $500 USD
4. Place: $300 USD
5.-8. Place: $200 USD

$6,100 USD in total

The G1-Series will kick off March, 2nd with the first round of the qualification tournament. 256 teams will compete till March, 3rd for the three additional spots in the main field of the competition. That main field is set to clash beginning March, 4th with the Grand Final being held on March, 17th.

The main field will start in a Group Stage format from where four teams will advance to the post season and compete for the big money and the prestigious CIS Championship. Already qualified for the main field are Cats Gaming, iTS, QaM and Meka from Russia, as well as GZ from the Ukraine. Four of those teams are already known in the international scene through their play in the CIS Showmatch tournament a couple of weeks ago, when GZ and iTS even recorded victories over the European squads QsQ and Mistral Gaming. Cats Gaming will enter the tournament as the reigning and defending champion, as well as being the absolute favorite here - throning over the last two seasons.

G1-Series Participants
Russia Cats Gaming
Russia iTS
Russia QaM
Russia Meka
Ukraine GZ
Other Qualifier
Other Qualifier
Other Qualifier

The tournament will be broadcasted by the official CIS stream on all days of the competition. The coverage site of is already online and will give information, rosters and streaming schedules for every interested spectator.