Tt eSports and We Are Spies join SoundBlaster Heroes League

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 01 February 2013 22:39
Tonight the fifth qualifier for the $40,000 USD SoundBlaster Heroes League came to a conclusion with We Are Spies winning that one. Earlier in the day Tt eSports received the fifth invite so a total of ten teams are in the Championship Bracket.

Tt eSports is going through some roster changes and the new roster will get a huge opportunity to prove their talents and skills in the SoundBlaster Heroes League. The former Oceanic powerhouse has recently changed to become a complete North American roster with Jeppins and CHEESEHELMET joining the squad and former captain wyt` stepping down. wyt` was actually the last remaining artifact of the glorious Oceanic times with Frenetic Array and the successor team Tt eSports. Now those times are officially over and the complete overhaul of the team is complete.

Dave 'wyt`' Ashwell

"We are honoured to be invited into the Sound Blaster tournament and we look forward to watch and play out this tournament, hopefully to the very end.”

The team will get some time to get their chemistry and coordination together with the new pieces, as the Championship Bracket of the SoundBlaster Heroes League will be played in the end of February. Two Diamond Cycles and other competition like the GSL qualifier should be enough time to get their groove together for the first real big challenge of the team.

Tt eSports Roster:

United States LeonBlack`
United States Moraivus
United States ENSOE
Canada Jeppins

While Tt eSports had the honor to get the invite, We Are Spies had to fight through a packed bracket in the qualifier to become the tenth team to join the Championship Bracket. On their way to the finals they had to defeat Sit Back and Relax, TwilgtzEsports, EEEE and Team Throw to get the opportunity to battle fellow Diamond Division team Another Dimension in the Grand Finals.

Another Dimension actually had a little bit of a tougher road all the way to the Grand Finals with QsQ777, Team Kagge and Slash Defenders in their way. On top of that DmSn still had a chip on their shoulders from the massive blowout that they suffered in the Gold Division Grand Finals by the hands of We Are Spies just one week ago.

In the end they couldn't redeem themselves and We Are Spies gets the chance to compete for a share of the $40,000 USD in the Championship Bracket.

We Are Spies Roster:

United States DirtyMobs
United States Present23
United States DrPeter
United States Rookie`
Canada Jakohl
United States WhaT_YoU_GoT
United States Diglet_

Already qualified for the final bracket

United States compLexity Gaming (Invite)
Europe Trademark eSports (Invite)
United States Stay Green (Invite)
Europe QsQ (Invite)
United States Tt eSports (Invite)
Europe One Trick Pony (First Qualifier)
Europe Mistral Gaming (Second Qualifier)
Norway Dendis jungledevos (Third Qualifier)
Sweden CutForBieber (Fourth Qualifier)
United States We Are Spies (Fifth Qualifier)

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