DreamHon OSC Finals: The Tale of the Tape for the Grand Finale

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 30 August 2012 15:58

In about five hours the Grand Finale of the DreamHon Online Summer Championship will take place, covered by BreakyCPK and Tralfamadore over at Honcast. The fight has a lot of storylines, interesting circumstances and bets surrounding it, which is going to present to you before the two heavyweights step into the ring to slug it out.

DreamHon OSC Grand Finale
Europe Trademark eSports vs. United States compLexity Gaming
6-1 Group Stage record 7-0
11-2 Group Stage maps 14-0
2. Place Group Stage finish 1. Place
3-1 Playoff record 3-0
7-4 Playoff maps 6-4
Direct Duel won by compLexity by 2-1
coL is only one Best of Three victory away from the Championship, tdM needs two Best of Three victories

Duel of the carries

With the current metagame in place, the games ultimately come down to the carries taking over the later portion of the match with shire and brute force in their strikes and the ability do dish out a lot of punishment in no time. Two of the best players in that regard are going to face each other today with Haxxeren and noobG going at it. The entire tournament those two players showed the ability to rally back after setbacks in the early game, to be very resilient farmers and show off the absolute capability to carry their team in teamfights come clutch time. noobG might be the upset player of this tournament with the way he just skyrocket the GPM chart day after day, with Haxxeren being more of a known commodity to make the chart explode. Both players are going to be key in this lineup and it could ultimately come down to Haxxeren or noobG taking over the game late with whatever hero they play. Haxxeren is known for marvelous play of Silhouette, Magebane or Dark Lady and even showed an excellent performance with the big bad Dragon the other night. Still those heroes were banned by Mynuts on several occassions and noobG shares big interest in the Dark Lady pickup aswell, so one team could be forced to go outside the box in terms of carry heroes. noobG will have basically no hesitation to take the reigns over the Corrupted Disciple and Haxxeren could be once again be in the match with a Soulstealer, bringing the game down to an unconventional type of "Carry Duel", as we already seen it in the Winner's Bracket Finals between those two players.

Brothers in arms

The real sports world has those duels inside a family once every while, HoN now has this family duel in a big finale aswell. Chessie and Limmp are both exceptional players, they are both highly successful with their teams and they are brothers. Chessie is playing the jungle/support role for compLexity with an occassional switch to War Beast as a carry. Limmp is mostly lined up in the middle of the map with a ganking style of Heroes, that can dominate the middle lane and then float the side lanes with ganks to gain the early advantage. Both players have played each other already in the Winner's Bracket Finale, where Chessie and his team could advance to the Grand Finale, even with a carry War Beast on Chessie that took over the reigns of the match late in the game. Limmp responded to that loss fairly convincingly with great performances on Pollywog Priest and Jeraziah in the clash with It's Gosu to get his team into the Finals and set up for this rematch once again. Which brother will prevail and take home the grand prize and which brother will end up losing the series? We are going to find out this evening.

Brothers, former teammates, today bitter rivals in the Grand Finale - Chessie and Limmp (Second and Fourth from the left side).

Revenge is a dish best served cold

We all know that this match is going to be a rematch of the Winner's Bracket Finale. The same teams that walked through the upper portion of the bracket will meet again to determine the ultimate champion of this tournament. To say that the momentum is one one side or the other is very hard to do, because both teams have reasons to feel that momentum on their side. compLexity only gave away one single map in the entire tournament, they walked through the group stage and the first two matches of the playoffs destroying good teams like Tt eSports, It's Gosu, FiT and QsQ 357 on their path. They have no reason whatsoever to distrust their abilities with great individual players like bkid, Haxxeren and MoonMeander and the completely awesome coordination that they've shown in team fights the entire tournament.
On the other side Trademark could feel that momentum aswell with the very close series that they've played in the Winner's Bracket Finale. They got the win in game one, came very close to the victory in game two and then ultimately faltered through the demolition of Emerald Warden on the top lane. Still Trademark eSports proved that they can stand toe-to-toe with the powerhouse team in compLexity and the victory over iG could have helped getting their confidents back on track.

Former tdM, new tdM

This has basically no meaning to the players, but it is still a nice side story of this tournament, that the new compLexity Gaming used to be Trademark eSports and their succeedors over in the Trademark corner are Mynuts and his boys. Will this mean anything to the match? Probably not, but it is not that often in eSports, or real sports for that matter, that the circumstances allow for that kind of a storyline.

Bets and pieces

It is like real sports, one person or one group of guys feels confident in their pick or their team so they decide to make a bet, a crazy bet some might say. This time this bet comes out from Mark 'Tralfamadore' Seidl, caster of Honcast, who decided to put his hair on the line. His prediction is a compLexity Gaming Championship or he will shave his hair. The first prediction of Tralf, that coL will not drop a single map in this tournament, already got shattered by tdM so that might be a good sign for everyone who wants to see Tralfamadore bold on Honcast. The teams involved in the match do not really care about this bet, tdM might be motivated even more to try the upset, but coL will definitely not put $20,000 USD and a ticket to DreamHack on the line just to see Tralf shave his head. A collusion a la MLG LoL won't happen either, because the prestige of the tournament victory is just to high to make any kind of deal in splitting the money or the travel stipend.
Another type of bet is already decided, the "DreamHon Bracketology Challenge". That challenge is already won by tdM's captain Mynuts, who leads to standings up by one point over compLexity's support player Franzzii. Both players have predicted a win of compLexity Gaming in the finals, already determining Mynuts as the DreamHon Bracketology Champion. Can he let he DreamHon OSC Championship follow or will Franzzii have the last laugh there?

Playoff Stats of the two teams
United States compLexity Gaming
Player GPM XPM Kills Death Assists K:D Heroes
United States bkid 259 374 3,4 3,3 7,4 1,04:1 Fayde
Singapore MoonMeander 325,7 433,9 4,4 1,8 7 2,38:1 Moraxus
Denmark Haxxeren 468,7 589,7 5,4 1,4 5,6 3,8:1 Magebane
United States Franzzii 176,1 224,7 1,9 1,7 7,9 1,3:1 Glacius
Sweden Chessie 392,1 369,2 3,3 2 7,1 1,64:1 WarBeastOpheliaTempest
Europe Trademark eSports
Player GPM XPM Kills Death Assists K:D Heroes
Sweden Mynuts 315,9 433,4 3,4 4,6 10,2 0,72:1 Tempest
Sweden Limmp 303,8 399 4,6 4,5 10 1,04:1 PollywogPriest
Sweden fajN` 175,5 234
1,7 3,1 9 0,56:1 Glacius
Sweden PabloMcDad 227,9 278,2 3,4 3,5 9,3 0,98:1 Torturer
Denmark noobG 492,7 574,4 8,9 3,2 7,4 2,8:1 CorruptedDisciple

All stats are average statistics from all playoff matches, only the hero column displays the most played hero in those playoff matches.