DreamHon Playoffs: And we are down to the final three

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 29 August 2012 14:54
It's Gosu vs. Tt eSports
Match 1
Legionnaire iNsania
Tremble Khezu
Glacius Sender
Magmus ChubbyChris2
Wildsoul mmbzai
ForsakenArcher sLiCKz
Aluna wyt`
PlagueRider dabeliuteef
Behemoth Riser_
PollywogPriest LeonBlack`
Bans and Locks
OpheliaTundra PebblesMoraxusTorturer
TundraTempest JeraziahTDLFayde

From the start of this match iG seemed to be ahead constantly, not in kills or towers, but in terms of gold and experience. Without huge fights going on, the bars on top of the spectators UI moved constantly to iG's direction. That was because of the fact that iG had Tremble and Wildsoul farming the sidelanes while the rest of the team was trying to synergize the ultimates and the tank potential of Legionnaire to fight off Tt eSports. Those fights mostly ended in a 2-1 exchange in favour of Tt eSports, but the farm and push power from the side lanes still guaranteed an advantage down the line. In the end Wildsoul and Tremble had the farm they need and iG decided to push in a 5v5-circumstance which resulted in a complete victory in teamfight and a lane being pushed. The second time they grouped up to push the second teamfight was won convincingly and Tt eSports saw themselves forced to concede.

Match 2
Ophelia iNsania
Draconis Khezu
Nymphora Sender
Fayde ChubbyChris2
Bubbles mmbzai
Cthulhuphant sLiCKz
Glacius wyt`
Silhouette dabeliuteef
Tempest Riser_
Electrician LeonBlack`
Bans and Locks
WildsoulTundra PebblesMoraxusTorturer
WildsoulJeraziah AlunaMagmusPollywogPriest

As opposed to the first match the second one started out fairly slow with less kills and non stop farm on the two carries. Ultimately this fight boiled down to the match between dabeliuteef on Silhouette and Khezu on Draconis, who farmed all game for the one big clash. 15 minutes into the game pretty much all stats were equal and then a small skirmish happened in the middle lane, where iG tried to jump Tt eSports, but a beautiful Tempest ultimate by wyt` caught all of them - with little damage to follow up.
From a stat-perspective it seemed that Tt eSports was slowly pulling ahead with a heavily increasing lead in the experience department, while the gold chart remained a stalemate. That experience lead was explained by iG's desire to get Draconis as much farm as possible, so they pretty much sacrificed the entire team in order to constantly triple stack the forest so the big bad Dragon could just set it all on fire. That idea went according to plan and as iG felt comfortable enough with the farm they began to push more aggressive. Those pushes resulted in teamfight victories and ultimately the game, since Tt eSports had no answer for the flamebreathing Draconis with his Shrunken Head without any charges.

iG therefore move on to the rematch against Trademark eSports on the road to the Grand Finale against compLexity Gaming. Tt eSports on the other side takes home the fourth place in this tournament, giving them a nice purse of $1,500 USD for their efforts.

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Bracketology watch:

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Bracketology Standings (11/14)
# Player Team Points
1. Sweden Mynuts tdM 17
2. Denmark ChubbyChris iG 14
2. United States Swindlemelonzz DDOS 14
2. United States Franzzii coL 14
5.Germany Fantasy GG 13
5. United States Moiravus CM 13
7. Sweden iNsania iG 12
8. United States Sender iG 11
8.United States BreakyCPK HCT 11
10. Sweden Horspel QsQ357 10
10.Denmark Buch Pika 10
12. United States Milkfat S2 9
12. United States Tralfamadore HCT 9
12. United States The_Thrill S2 9
12. United States XanderK S2 9
18. Singapore MoonMeander coL 9
16. Denmark FJ QsQ112 8
16. Croatia Kolapz GG 8