DreamHon Playoffs: coL begins the wait for the challenger Thursday

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 28 August 2012 01:17
compLexity vs. Trademark eSports
Match 1
Hammerstorm bkid
PlagueRider MoonMeander
Soulstealer Haxxeren
Glacius Franzzii
Ophelia Chessie
Tempest Mynuts
Pyromancer Limmp
Aluna fajN`
Bubbles PabloMcDad
TDL noobG
Bans and Locks
FaydeJeraziah PollywogPriestNymphoraMoraxus
TundraPebbles DraconisSilhouetteMagebane
PyromancerEmerald WardenTempest

The first match was supposed to be a battle between Haxxeren on Soulstealer and noobG on Dark Lady - it was an epic clash between the two briliant players. Still the supporting cast of noobG played crucial role in the epic comeback teamfight, that brought compLexity down for the first time in this tournament. It was around the 30th minute when coL had a farm advantage and a base tower in the middle lane pushed. They were grouping up for a potential final blow, but the farmed Dark Lady in combination with a Tempest ultimate and the massive burst damage of Pyromancer proved to be too much. Dark Lady counter-initiated taking out Glacius fairly quick in the process, after that he went to town on Plague Rider, but in the meantime coL went to work on the remaining team. Still both tdM and Plague Rider were able to kite their adversaries around and coL stood too close for a second, the second were the match made a complete 180. Tempest ultimate hit three people, Pyromancer stunned and waved into the crowd and Dark Lady charge took care of the rest, turning the tides of the fight and the match as tdM took a 1-0 advantage in the series.

Match 2
Pebbles bkid
Moraxus MoonMeander
PollywogPriest Haxxeren
Glacius Franzzii
WarBeast Chessie
Fayde Mynuts
Bubbles Limmp
Andromeda fajN`
Aluna PabloMcDad
Armadon noobG
Bans and Locks
TempestJeraziah ParasiteNymphoraTDL
TundraOphelia DraconisSilhouetteMagebane

After the inital success in game one, Trademark eSports looked pretty good in the early stages of game two aswell. With strong gankers in their team like Fayde and Bubbles in addition to the tanky presence of Armadon they were able to claim an early advantage in the game. Time was working against them though and with every minute passing coL grew stronger and stronger. In the end the tanky Armadon and the potential ganking ability wasn't enough to overcome farmed heroes like a War Beast and the initiation of Moraxus and Pebbles.

Match 3
WitchSlayer bkid
Bubbles MoonMeander
Magebane Haxxeren
Glacius Franzzii
Tempest Chessie
Emerald Warden Mynuts
PollywogPriest Limmp
Behemoth fajN`
Torturer PabloMcDad
Silhouette noobG
Bans and Locks
OpheliaJeraziah NymphoraFaydeAluna
TundraPebbles DraconisTDLMoraxus

The third game turned into a complete stomp by compLexity, ending after just 17 minutes. tdM went for some unconventional heroes such as Emerald Warden and paid the price for it. Mynuts on Warden got totally destroyed in the solo lane, giving Bubbles the farm of his life. While Silhouette was the sign of hope for the Hellbourne team, coL continued to farm Mynuts' EW and got ahead more and more doing so. After 14 minutes two of the five heroes on compLexity's side get their Portal Key completed, making a comeback completely impossible. The icing on the cake came in the last seconds of the game when Chessie jumped in with his Tempest ultimate and caught three people, getting a genocide and delivering the final blow to tdM.

Lower Bracket:

In the Lower Bracket two Group Champions were eliminated, leaving compLexity as the last team standing out of that estimed group. With vtrl and Pikachu both going down 2-0, the second place teams tdM, iG and Tt eSports remain in contention to challenge compLexity in the Grand Final. Tomorrow iG will face off with Tt eSports to determine the opponent for Trademark eSports on Wednesday, just one day before the Grand Final.

Bracketology watch:

If you want to take a look at all the brackets again, go check them out here.

Bracketology Standings (11/14)
# Player Team Points
1. Sweden Mynuts tdM 15
2. Denmark ChubbyChris iG 14
2. United States Swindlemelonzz DDOS 14
4. United States Franzzii coL 13
4.Germany Fantasy GG 13
6. Sweden iNsania iG 12
7. United States Moiravus CM 11
7. United States Sender iG 11
7.United States BreakyCPK HCT 11
10. Sweden Horspel QsQ357 10
10.Denmark Buch Pika 10
12. United States Milkfat S2 9
12. United States Tralfamadore HCT 9
12. United States The_Thrill S2 9
12. United States XanderK S2 9
16. Denmark FJ QsQ112 8
16. Croatia Kolapz GG 8
18. Singapore MoonMeander coL 7